Unicorn Overlord: The Jaw-Dropping JRPG from Persona Devs Going PC?! You Won’t Believe What’s in Store



Are you ready for the most mind-blowing news from Nintendo Direct 2023? While Switch gamers are in for a treat with Prince of Persia and Tomb Raider, PC gamers might just be on the brink of something extraordinary – a brand new open-world tactical JRPG!

Picture this: the creative geniuses at Vanillaware and Atlus studios are brewing up something massive called “Unicorn Overlord,” and whispers about a possible PC release are driving the gaming world wild.

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This RPG promises the ultimate experience: “Explore a vast world, form unbreakable bonds, and lead your epic quest to glory.” The tantalizing part? Hints of a PC version are surfacing, and we can’t help but salivate at the prospect.

But here’s the catch: the breadcrumbs come from none other than George Kamitani, the studio’s president and game director. He dropped a cryptic clue on his personal Facebook page, and only his lucky friends can vouch for it. It’s a game of trust now.

Sure, these rumors have been swirling for eight years, and many fans have almost given up hope. But the game-changer might just be their collaboration with Atlus, the creators of the Persona series. Could this partnership breathe new life into the dream of a PC port?

And when it comes to Unicorn Overlord’s music, it’s pure enchantment. Listening to it is like falling under the spell of Monaca’s Nier OST all over again. This game oozes style, with art reminiscent of the legendary Final Fantasy Tactics series, sprinkled with Fire Emblem and Brigandine vibes.

Vanillaware teases us with promises of diverse gameplay and companions. Imagine commanding a grand army of over 60 unique characters, from humans and elves to colossal beasts and celestial angels. The trailer hints at intriguing personalities guiding your path to lordship over these majestic horned creatures.

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With a fusion of side-scrolling, comic-style storytelling, and action RPG elements, Unicorn Overlord seems tailor-made for every gamer. Let’s cross our fingers that it’ll eventually grace PC screens, granting non-Switch owners a taste of its extraordinary magic! Don’t miss this epic journey – stay tuned for the PC reveal that could change the game!

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