Unveiling Mortal Kombat 1’s Mind-Bending New Mode That’s Like No Other


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The highly-anticipated Mortal Kombat 1 reboot, which just hit Early Access on September 14th, has introduced a groundbreaking single-player mode known as “Invasion,” and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before in the fighting game universe. But here’s the twist: Some are calling it a game-changer, while others are bored to tears.

So, what exactly is Mortal Kombat 1’s Invasion mode? After you conquer the single-player story mode, you unlock this mind-bending experience that PlayStation describes as “an evolution” of fan-favorite features like the Krypt from the 2002 game Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and single-player battle Towers. In this mode, you’ll be defending your reality from invaders by engaging in epic battles on world maps that resemble something out of a board game, all in exchange for valuable rewards, including in-game currency and cool cosmetics.


“Invasion is a mode that anyone can enjoy, but it’s a true paradise for die-hard fighting game fans,” PlayStation writes. “While the primary goal is to unlock jaw-dropping customizations for your beloved fighters, there’s a whole lot more to savor.”

A single-player mode inspired by board games promises novelty and excitement, but does it deliver? Sadly, not everyone seems to think so. IGN’s Mitchell Saltzman found it to be a bit overwhelming, stating:

“It’s a mix of promising ideas that, unfortunately, attempt to be a jack-of-all-trades and end up feeling like a master of none. Each ‘board’ in the invasion consists of a series of spaces, each hosting a themed battle. You navigate this board, endlessly grinding through repetitive fights against foes who, at least for the initial hours, offer little resistance. You collect rewards at a snail’s pace, hunt for keys to unlock gates, and tackle challenges like the classic ‘Test Your Might’ or survival mini-games, all the way to the finish line.”

VG247 staff writer Connor Makar concurred in his review, deeming the mode “largely uneventful.”

“There are moments of fun with hidden missions and ‘Test Your Might’ challenges sprinkled in,” he said, “but these highlights are overshadowed by frustrating modifiers. An off-screen missile might bring a chuckle once in a while, but a relentless, super-armored katana charging at you repeatedly starts to wear thin.”


But hold on, before you dismiss Invasion entirely, it’s important to know that this mode holds the key to Mortal Kombat 1’s future seasonal content, and here’s the kicker: there are no microtransactions or battle passes involved!

So, while you may not have to part with your hard-earned cash, be prepared for a potentially snooze-inducing gameplay experience. However, don’t count it out just yet; some are finding Invasion surprisingly engaging. Bloody Disgusting, in their review, mentioned that Invasion “marks a significant improvement over the previous game’s Krypt, offering a less cryptic and random obstacle-solving experience.”

“With Netherrealm’s promise to regularly update the Invasion mode, I’m excited to see the surprises and themes they have in store for us,” said writer Reyna Cervantes.

In the end, Invasion mode is a fitting addition to Mortal Kombat 1, a game that strives to strike a balance between its decades-old legacy and fresh innovations. So, give it a whirl when the game launches worldwide on September 19, and decide for yourself if this unique gaming experience is your cup of tea.

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