Exciting Rumors Emerge About Nintendo Switch 2: Price Hike and Launch Date Revealed


Nintendo Switch 2: Price Hike and Launch Date Revealed

The forthcoming Nintendo console, tentatively named the Switch 2, is generating buzz due to reports of an anticipated increase in its price compared to its predecessor, as well as the introduction of two distinct models, as shared by a credible insider.

According to reliable sources, the digital-only version of the Switch 2 is projected to have a retail price of $400, while the standard edition is expected to be priced $50 higher.

Mark your calendars for a potential release date of September 24, 2024, with a fallback launch date set for November 3.

Furthermore, whispers in the gaming community suggest that the new console may incorporate augmented reality (AR) features, a departure from the OLED display seen in previous models.

The next Nintendo gaming system, provisionally referred to as the Switch 2, appears to be taking a different pricing approach when compared to its predecessor. According to a reputable leaker, it will be available in two distinct models, with a significant price difference between them.


This intriguing revelation comes from SoldierDelta, a member of The Snitch’s Discord server. The Snitch is a well-established insider with a track record of reliable leaks over the years. While SoldierDelta’s history is less extensive, they gained recognition in early July 2023 by sharing gameplay details about Team Ninja’s PS5 exclusive, “Rise of the Ronin,” and substantiated their claims with legitimate-looking screenshots from the game. The fact that The Snitch endorsed their first leak suggests that SoldierDelta may have some industry insights.

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On October 6, SoldierDelta returned to Discord with an exciting revelation regarding the Switch 2. They disclosed that the digital-only model of the console is expected to hit the market at a price point of $400, while the standard edition will be available at a slightly higher cost, $50 more than the digital version. For context, the original Switch was launched at $300. While the leaker noted that pricing details might change, the dual-model lineup seems to be firmly established. Additionally, the release date for the Switch 2 is said to be September 24, 2024, with a fallback option of November 3, in case of any unforeseen issues.

SoldierDelta also reaffirmed previous rumors that the Switch 2 will introduce augmented reality (AR) features and will not feature an OLED display. They briefly mentioned an “NG” codename, clarifying that this was only for developer reference and not the official name used by Nintendo. For reference, the original Switch had the codename “NX,” with its official name being revealed in October 2016, five months before its market launch.

If the September release holds true, it suggests that the console will likely be officially unveiled in the spring of 2024, aligning with recent speculation that the Switch 2 will be introduced around the seventh anniversary of its predecessor. As more information becomes available from Nintendo, it will be intriguing to see which of these leaks regarding the Switch 2 turn out to be accurate.

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