Unbelievable! PS5’s Wackiest Game of 2024 Will Blow Your Mind


baby steps

Prepare to be amazed by the craziest new PS5 game, Baby Steps, set to hit your console in 2024. It’s a game that’s instantly made its way onto my “must-play” list. This game simplifies the concept: you guide a guy in his underwear through a world filled with obstacles, using a truly unique physics-based control system.

When it comes to PS5 games, we all crave something fresh and innovative, and Baby Steps is exactly that. Imagine if Jim Carrey took on Death Stranding – that’s the kind of wild ride you can expect from Baby Steps. Developed by the genius trio of Gabe Cuzzillo, Bennett Foddy, and Maxi Boch, the game’s main character, Nate, is controlled by independently moving each leg.

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Boch describes it perfectly on the PlayStation Blog: “Our control scheme is both literal and humorous, allowing you to manually guide each of Nate’s steps using the DualSense controller. You can lift each foot individually and choose precisely where to place them. But be careful! Each surface behaves realistically, so you’ll need steady hands as you guide Nate through a multitude of challenging terrains.”

Baby Steps is a brain-teasing puzzle game that will test your nerves and skills with its innovative control setup and user experience. The demo, unveiled during Sony’s September State of Play, reveals how those initial tentative steps transform into a mesmerizing hiking rhythm. It’s a gaming experience like no other and promises endless fun.

(Video Credit: PlayStation)

The game’s quirky charm is rooted in its storyline: Nate is transported to an unknown world to save the day, but the cosmic forces seem to have chosen the most unprepared guy imaginable. Nate just wants to lounge in his parents’ basement, and walking properly is a skill he lacks entirely.

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