Trinity Fusion to Launch in Early Access for PC on April 13, Adding PS5 and PS4 Versions


Trinity Fusion

Angry Mob Games, the developer of the highly anticipated roguelite action platformer Trinity Fusion, has announced that the game will be available in Early Access for PC on April 13 via Steam and Epic Games Store. Along with the previously mentioned Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC versions, the game will be available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

Trinity Fusion

Trinity Fusion tells the story of Maya, a cross-dimensional warrior who is psychically linked to her three parallel selves. The game is set in a world where mutants and machines are threatening to raze all human life, and players must work with Maya’s alternate identities to defeat the enemy and fuse their worlds to prevent a collapse of their timelines.

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Players can choose between three versions of Maya, each with unique weapon masteries, abilities, and challenges. They must navigate through hostile environments such as underground caves, fortified prisons, and barren wastelands, which merge depending on the player’s chosen route, thereby changing the gameplay experience and outcome.

Trinity Fusion features a combination of procedurally-generated levels and hand-crafted stages and arenas, creating an engrossing world of hostile opponents and decayed futurescapes. The game’s 3D graphics and dark sci-fi aesthetic add to the overall atmosphere and immersive experience.

Combat in Trinity Fusion is high-intensity, with players utilizing sophisticated weapon designs and attack systems that leverage Angry Mob Games’ previous experience in the fighting-game genre. When unleashing thrilling special weapons and abilities, players must slide, sprint, and dodge between enemy assaults.

Each of Maya’s parallel personalities gets her own environment to explore, complete with diverse biomes. Players can travel through a universe of desolate wastes and caverns roamed by mutant creatures, escape the endless forges and laboratories of a world ruled by machines, and survive the dangerous sky cities of a post-human society. As players progress through the game, they can unlock permanent upgrades in The Citadel and discover new starting points for their run as they reclaim major locations in each universe.

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“We have a tonne of stuff in the pipeline for Trinity Fusion,” said Bogdan Iliesiu of Angry Mob Games. “Given the amazing feedback we received from players via Steam Next Fest and locations like EGX, launching through Early Access was a straightforward decision to make. We’ll be able to get the same wonderful feedback on our new biomes, monsters, and bosses as we add more for players to explore and battle through with the Early Access release.”

Trinity Fusion is set to launch in 2023, with the Early Access release providing players with a sneak peek of the game’s features and gameplay mechanics. The addition of PS5 and PS4 versions will make the game more accessible to a wider range of players, increasing its popularity and success in the gaming community.

In conclusion, Trinity Fusion is a highly anticipated game that offers a unique gameplay experience, combining elements of roguelite, action, and platformer genres. With the addition of PS5 and PS4 versions, the game is set to attract a larger player base and become one of the most popular games of the year.



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