Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania Recaptures the Spirit of the Classic Game


Dead Cells

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania, the latest collaboration DLC released for the popular indie game, Dead Cells, has been receiving positive feedback from fans of both franchises. This article explores whether or not the DLC does justice to Konami’s classic gothic horror action-adventure series, Castlevania.

Dead Cells

Paying Homage to Castlevania

Dead Cells is a Metroidvania platformer, inspired by classic versions of Metroid and Castlevania. As such, the game is already a fantastic tribute to Castlevania. The DLC, Return to Castlevania, takes it a step further by adding some of Castlevania’s beloved characters into Dead Cells. Fan favorites like Alucard and Richter make appearances, interacting with the Prisoner. The DLC also adds aesthetic nods to Castlevania, including floating geometric shapes from Symphony of The Night and other small Easter egg-like elements.

The music in the DLC is another highlight, featuring alternate versions of a large number of songs from the original series, as well as some of Castlevania’s most iconic songs in their purest form. The sound in the DLC fits perfectly, blending the two games in a masterful way.

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Dead Cells

Mashing Up the Games

The DLC not only pays homage to Castlevania but also adds a bit of its flavor to Dead Cells. There are new boss fights, including Dracula, who messes with the player in fun ways before the Prisoner finally reaches him. The DLC’s weapons, recognizable to Castlevania fans, add a fun and nostalgic touch to the game. The developer behind Dead Cells makes the mashup feel like it belongs in the game.

Dead Cells

Reverence for Castlevania

The developers of Dead Cells have put a lot of effort into making this collaboration DLC feel like it belongs in the game. Each element of Castlevania feels like it fits into Dead Cells naturally, creating a unique experience for players. The DLC highlights the best of both games, creating something that recaptures the fun and spirit of Castlevania.

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Missing Elements

While the DLC successfully blends the two games, there are some elements of Castlevania missing that players may desire. The vastness of Castlevania’s maps is not present in Dead Cells, which may feel out of place. However, overall, the DLC is a success in terms of honoring the classic game.

Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania is a successful collaboration DLC that pays homage to Konami’s classic franchise while adding its own unique touch to the game. The DLC’s inclusion of beloved characters, aesthetic nods, music, and weapons all contribute to the feeling of playing both games at once. While some elements are missing, the DLC recaptures the fun and spirit of Castlevania and highlights the best of both games.

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