Forspoken Receives 33% Discount on PlayStation Less Than Two Months After Launch



Square Enix has announced a 33% discount on all editions of Forspoken on the PlayStation store until the end of March. The game, which was released just 50 days ago, is now available on the PlayStation 5 for a significantly lower price than its launch time. Forspoken’s normal edition is currently $46.89, while the digital deluxe edition is $63.69, which is even less than the standard edition’s debut price.


The discount offer is exclusive to PlayStation and is not currently available for the PC version of the game. While the offer may seem like a great deal for gamers, it is an indication of the game’s poor financial performance since its launch.

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Forspoken had a rough start when it was released in January this year. The game received unfavorable reviews from the media and had several technical issues, which frustrated fans on both PC and consoles. The game’s visuals were not even close to a current-gen title, which led to a significant backlash from fans.

Forspoken was not a commercial success for Square Enix, the business recently disclosed. As a result, its developer, Luminous Productions, was shut down and merged with Square Enix’s internal studios. Forspoken’s current PlayStation discount appears to be just another indicator of the game’s dismal financial success. It is unusual for a big-budget title to receive a discount of over 30% less than two months after its release.

In a recent statement, the president of Square Enix, Yosuke Matsuda, told investors that the sales of Forspoken “have been lackluster.” He also mentioned that if the company’s February and If the March releases do not perform well, they may face a significant negative risk in fiscal year 2023 profits. According to unconfirmed claims, Square Enix spent more than $100 million on Forspoken, which will be recouped through game sales.

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Forspoken was not planned to have any post-launch expansions, but given the game’s lacklustre performance, it’s unclear what the future holds for this unique IP. Square Enix’s primary priority at the moment is Final Fantasy XVI, the company’s next flagship title. Final Fantasy XVI is yet another exclusive title for PlayStation 5, set to release later this year.

The discount offer on Forspoken could be an opportunity for players who were hesitant to buy the game at its original launch price. However, it also raises concerns about the game’s overall quality and longevity. Forspoken was marketed as a big-budget title and was expected to be a major hit for Square Enix. However, with the game’s poor performance and the closure of its developer, it is clear that things did not go according to plan.

The video game industry is highly competitive, and game developers and publishers need to ensure that their titles stand out and attract a significant player base. This is especially important for big-budget titles like Forspoken, where the investment is high, and the return on investment needs to be significant.

In conclusion, the recent discount offer on Forspoken is an indication of the game’s poor financial performance since its launch. While it may be a great deal for gamers, it raises concerns about the game’s overall quality and longevity. Square Enix’s focus on Final Fantasy XVI indicates that the company is hoping to rebound from Forspoken’s poor performance with a new flagship title. It remains to be seen what the future holds for Forspoken and whether Square Enix will continue to invest in the IP.

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