Tough break for Team Triss, The Witcher’s Yennefer and Ciri join Fortnite



Since the release of The Witcher 3 in 2015, players of CD Projekt Red’s fantasy epic have found themselves divided into two passionate camps: Team Yennefer and Team Triss. These factions coalesce around the two romantic characters in the game, each claiming superiority over their chosen sorceress. However, the ongoing rivalry has now taken a surprising turn, with Epic Games taking a stand on Fortnite featuring only one of these beloved characters. In the year 2023, the pop-culture character’s measure of influence is undeniably determined by his presence in Fortnite. Thus, it’s a tough blow for Triss fans as the cool-headed sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg joins the Fortnite Universe, along with Geralt’s ward, the formidable sorceress Ciri. Unfortunately, the absence of Yennefer’s equally powerful and flamboyant rival, Tris Marigold, has left her supporters disappointed.

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A Change in The Tide: Yennefer’s Rise to Prominence

While this may not be entirely surprising given Yennefer’s more prominent role in Netflix’s The Witcher TV series, her digital canonization in Fortnite still comes as a significant blow to Triss enthusiasts. The implications are clear: Yennefer’s popularity has soared, securing her place in the hearts of fans around the world. (For the record, I associate myself with Team Yennefer, though I’d happily choose Team Keira Metz if given the opportunity in the game.)

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Island Adventures and Iconic Skins

Epic Games has moved beyond simply adding characters to include island adventures based around each of the newly introduced characters. Fortnite players can now embark on exciting quests in “Ciri’s Escape” and “Yennefer’s Battleground.” These unique adventures provide an immersive experience that allows fans to dive deeper into the world of The Witcher. As part of the package, each character skin comes with a carefully curated back bling and pickaxe, enhancing the overall thematic appeal. Yennefer’s arsenal includes a megascope, a vital tool for any sorceress, while Ciri proudly wields her legendary sword, Ziriel.

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Geralt’s Past Appearances and Future Possibilities

It’s important to note that Geralt himself made a previous appearance in Fortnite as a Battle Pass prize. However, he is currently unavailable for purchase, leaving players anxiously awaiting his possible return. The inclusion of a full Witcher trio within the vibrant universe of Fortnite is an enticing prospect.

Looking Ahead: The Witcher Season 3

What does all this represent? The excitement is at its peak as the highly anticipated third season of The Witcher is all set to premiere on Netflix on June 29. With the upcoming season, fans can only hope that Tris gets the recognition and story she deserves. Perhaps this will bring solace to those who stood by Yennefer amid her newfound dominance.


The arrival of Yennefer and Ciri in Fortnite marks an important milestone, reflecting the growing influence of The Witcher franchise within popular culture. Although Tris fans may currently feel disappointed, the ongoing saga between these captivating characters continues to fascinate and divide fans around the world. As the Witcher universe expands and the Netflix series gathers pace, the future promises more adventures and revelations. For now, we eagerly await the release of Season 3, hoping for a brighter chapter for Team Tris.

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