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Call of Duty

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, where brand reputation and customer loyalty play an important role, Microsoft recognizes the potential consequences of going back on its promise to release Call of Duty on the PlayStation platform. Despite reports of Sony’s reluctance to sign a contract guaranteeing future releases, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, understands the significant damage it is doing to the Xbox brand.

Call of Duty
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During ongoing hearings in which the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is seeking a preliminary injunction to review the Activision Blizzard acquisition, Spencer was asked about the possible reaction of PlayStation Call of Duty fans to the series being discontinued on Sony’s system. The question was asked. ,

“Absolutely. I firmly believe that gamers, as we’ve seen, are an active and vocal community,” Spencer replied. “Removing Call of Duty from PlayStation would undoubtedly do irreparable damage to the Xbox brand, especially given the many public statements I’ve made regarding our unwavering commitment to continuing to deliver COD on PS.”

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When pressed to confirm Xbox’s commitment to releasing COD on PlayStation, Spencer insisted, “I wholeheartedly support it. We have no plans to remove Call of Duty from PS.” Not intended. I’m here to assure you that we will continue to release future versions of COD on Sony’s PlayStation 5.”

During a closed-door session of the hearing, confidential financial data emerged that showed why it would be counterproductive to block COD, given PlayStation’s large user base. Unfortunately, specific details regarding these figures were not made public. However, during Thursday’s session, an inadvertent revelation indicated that Xbox agreed to an 80/20 revenue split (instead of the usual 70/30) in order to secure at least one high-profile game for Xbox. was, which strongly suggests the involvement of Call of Duty.

In another segment of today’s hearing, Spencer reaffirmed Xbox’s commitment to not knowingly distribute inferior versions of its games on other platforms, highlighting the potential damage it could do to the Xbox brand.

The topic of exclusivity and Xbox’s approach to handling games, especially games published by ZeniMax and Bethesda, has been a recurring theme in the questions Spencer and other Xbox executives have been asked. The FTC has attempted to portray Xbox’s potential interest in making Activision Blizzard games exclusive to the Xbox console if the acquisition is approved, citing titles such as Starfield as examples. Although The Elder Scrolls VI was also mentioned, Spencer refrained from confirming whether it would be an Xbox console exclusive or whether it would also release on the Xbox Series X|S. Xbox countered this argument by pointing to games such as Minecraft, Ghostwire Tokyo, and Deathloop, all of which were released on the PS. However, the FTC noted that the latter two titles involved contractual obligations made prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax.

Xbox: Keeping Promises and Protecting The Brand

Importance of Call of Duty on PlayStation

In today’s gaming landscape characterized by fierce competition and discerning consumers, Microsoft’s Xbox recognizes the paramount importance of delivering on promises and maintaining a strong brand reputation. As discussions about the Activision Blizzard acquisition continue to unfold, it becomes important to address concerns about the future of Call of Duty on the PlayStation platform.

Xbox Gamer Influence Recognition

Xbox chief Phil Spencer acknowledges the active and vocal nature of the gaming community. While considering the potential consequences of discontinuing COD on PS, Spencer emphasized the irreparable damage it would do to the Xbox brand. He reiterates the importance of his public commitments and statements reaffirming Xbox’s dedication to releasing Call of Duty on Sony’s gaming platform.

Strong Commitment to Call of Duty on PlayStation

In response to inquiries about Xbox’s commitment to the PS community, Spencer has stuck to his position. He reassured the stakeholders that Xbox has no intention of withdrawing COD from PlayStation. Spencer reiterated his vow that future versions of COD will continue to be available on Sony’s PlayStation 5. However, he admits that Sony’s cooperation is necessary for the game’s release on their platform.

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Understanding the Value of User Base

During the confidential proceedings, Xbox presented financial data to reveal the reasoning behind ensuring the availability of Call of Duty on PS. Unfortunately, the specific figures were not publicly disclosed. Nevertheless, during the hearing, an inadvertent revelation indicated Xbox’s willingness to negotiate an 80/20 revenue split, moving away from the standard 70/30 split. This development highlights the importance of Call of Duty’s inclusion in the Xbox ecosystem and underlines the rationale behind maintaining the game’s presence on PlayStation.

Protection of Brand Integrity

Xbox is committed to providing consistent quality across all platforms, ensuring that games released on other platforms are not affected by lower performance on Xbox. This commitment is rooted in recognition of the potential damage to the Xbox brand. By upholding high standards, Xbox cements its position as an iconic brand known for delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Addressing Specification Concerns

The FTC has raised concerns about the potential exclusivity of Activision Blizzard games on Xbox consoles after the acquisition. Titles such as Starfield have been cited as examples. While the subject of exclusivity has been a topic of discussion, Phil Spencer has been cautious in making definitive statements regarding titles such as The Elder Scrolls VI. Xbox cites examples such as Minecraft, Ghostwire Tokyo, and Deathloop, which were released on the PlayStation, as evidence of its commitment to multi-platform availability. However, the FTC highlights that the contractual obligations for the latter two games were established prior to Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax.

Finally, Xbox understands the importance of keeping its promises, ensuring the availability of Call of Duty on PlayStation, and protecting the integrity of its brand. A commitment to providing exceptional gaming experiences remains a top priority as Xbox moves forward with the acquisition process with Activision Blizzard, aiming to provide a seamless and inclusive gaming ecosystem for all players. By recognizing the influence of gamers, understanding the value of a broad user base, and preserving brand integrity, Xbox positions itself as a trusted and customer-focused gaming platform.

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