Major Lifeline Bug in Apex Legends Renders Healing Drone Useless


Apex Legends

A frustrating bug has been discovered in Apex Legends, a popular battle royale game, that is causing players to be denied healing from Lifeline’s powerful dock drones. This bug significantly affects one of his main abilities, rendering it practically useless at times.

Apex Legends
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As the action-packed Season 17 of Apex Legends unfolds, players eagerly participate in the Dressed to Kill Collection event, where they compete for the highly coveted Legacy and other exciting prizes.

However, amidst the excitement of the event, a shocking thing has come to the fore. Players are now reporting a bug that renders a large portion of lifeline kits ineffective within Battle Royale. This bug affects Lifeline’s doctor drone, which is a vital tool for providing healing and support to teammates during intense gameplay.

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Several video clips and direct accounts from the player community have confirmed the presence of this bug. Despite running the correct animation and sound effects, Lifeline’s doctor drone fails to provide treatment to players, rendering this vital ability pointless. This means that players cannot rely on medic drones to restore their health during critical moments, putting them at a significant disadvantage in the game.

Thankfully, the Apex Legends community has come up with a clever temporary workaround that players can employ while waiting for the developers to resolve the issue. By finding alternative ways to improve and heal, players can minimize the impact of this bug on their gameplay experience. However, it is important to note that this workaround is not a permanent solution and developers need to address the issue immediately.

The Lifeline bug acts as a hindrance to the primary purpose of the dock drone, which is to provide vital medical support to Lifeline and his comrades. As revealed by Reddit user SledgeSNR, a passionate member of the Apex Legends community, a newly discovered bug severely affects Lifeline’s abilities, causing it to deploy drones used with DOC. Heal drone’s ability, to malfunction.

In the shared Reddit footage, we see the player successfully connecting with the Heal drone. Both the visual and audio effects play out as intended, creating a false sense of security. However, there is a significant drawback – the player does not receive any health benefits. This means that despite the appearance of a healing process, no actual healing takes place, leaving the player vulnerable and exposed.

The effect of this bug is significant, as Lifeline’s Doctor Drone is a core component of her abilities. This is not only frustrating for Lifeline players who rely on this feature to survive but also disrupts the balance of the game. The bug introduces an unfair advantage to opponents who can exploit this weakness and efficiently target Lifeline and her teammates without fear of being healed.

Finally, the major Lifeline bug in Apex Legends, which renders his healing drones useless, becomes a significant challenge for players. The absence of medical assistance from Lifeline’s doctor drones creates a frustrating experience and affects the overall balance of the game. While the community has created temporary workarounds, it is important for developers to address this bug immediately and restore Lifeline’s capabilities to their full potential. Apex Legends players are eagerly awaiting a resolution to this issue, thereby ensuring a fair and enjoyable gameplay experience for all.

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