Super Mario RPG Remake Drops Bombshell GameStop Exclusive! You Won’t Believe What’s Inside


Super Mario RPG

The highly-anticipated Super Mario RPG remake is about to hit Nintendo Switch, and it’s packing some serious surprises. Nintendo is pulling out all the stops with stunning HD upgrades, cinematic cutscenes, and player-friendly improvements that will make you feel like you’re experiencing this cult classic for the very first time!

But that’s not all! GameStop just unveiled an exclusive pre-order bonus that’s sending fans into a frenzy. Brace yourself for the ultimate collector’s dream – a six-piece pin set that’s so rare, it’ll be the envy of every gamer. You won’t find these anywhere else (well, except maybe on eBay for a fortune)!


The pins feature iconic characters from Super Mario RPG, including Mario, Princess Peach, and more, each with a sleek white background that makes them pop. And don’t forget the special bonus pin featuring the game’s updated logo – a must-have for any true fan!

The reactions are pouring in, and they’re all over the map! Some fans are bursting with excitement, while others are feeling a bit underwhelmed. Is this pin set enough to win you over, or were you hoping for something even bigger, like a limited-edition figurine? GameStop has a reputation for keeping it simple when it comes to Nintendo bonuses, but could this be the exception?

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Pre-order bonuses have been a hot topic in the gaming world, with retailers constantly trying to outdo each other. It’s a battleground where gamers win some and lose some, but one thing’s for sure – Nintendo’s legendary quality control means this game is destined for success, with or without the exclusive goodies!

Get ready to dive back into the world of Super Mario RPG when it drops on November 14th. Don’t miss your chance to snag these pins – they won’t be around for long!

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