Ooblets Unleashes Spooky Spectacle: Steam Debut & Halloween Update



Get ready for a double dose of Ooblets magic! The beloved farming and creature-collecting sensation, Ooblets, is making its long-awaited Steam debut next month. And that’s not all – brace yourselves for a spine-tingling Halloween update that’s bound to leave you bewitched!

Mark Your Calendar: October 5th

Ooblets will be sprouting up on Steam on October 5th, alongside the thrilling 1.3 Halloween Event Update. This marks the end of its year-long exclusive reign on the Epic Games Store.

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Trick-or-Treat in Badgetown!

The 1.3 update brings a ghoulish makeover to Badgetown and its quirky inhabitants. Dive into a treasure trove of new clothes, furniture, accessories, and a limited-time ooblet. But wait, there’s more – the cherished tradition of trick-or-treating is back! Plus, a mysterious event collectible awaits your discovery.

How Long Will the Spook Last?

The Halloween event kicks off on October 1st and may stretch into mid-November if everyone’s feeling extra festive. And that’s not all, folks! The 1.4 content update is on the horizon, promising the introduction of ‘oobmobiles’ before the year’s end – a game-changer you won’t want to miss.

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What is Ooblets All About?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Ooblets combines the charm of Stardew Valley with the allure of Pokémon, sprinkled with a dash of eccentricity. Build your dream farm, befriend adorable ooblets, foster bonds with Badgetown’s residents, and help the mayor save the day, all while diving deeper into a whimsical world of wonder.

Developed and published by indie studio Glumberland, Ooblets made its debut in early access on the Epic Games Store in 2020 and has since captivated gamers’ hearts on the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Prepare for an oobtastic adventure like never before!

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