Rockstar’s Sneaky Clue: Could GTA 6 be Revealed Soon?


GTA 6 Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has once again piqued the curiosity of Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts with a recent social media post that ties into GTA Online’s “Moon Festival.”

As many of you may already know, the development of GTA 6 by Rockstar Games has been public knowledge for quite some time. The company not only confirmed its work on the next installment of the series but also had a substantial amount of leaked early footage surface last year, giving us an exciting glimpse of what’s potentially on the horizon.

Apart from subtle allusions during 2K investor calls, the GTA community has experienced relative silence since those leaks. Although Rockstar hasn’t officially unveiled GTA 6 yet, it has been playfully teasing its fans over the past few months, and their most recent social media post is the clearest hint yet.

Today, the official Rockstar Games Twitter account shared an image showcasing two new t-shirts that players can unlock in GTA Online for the “Moon Festival” event. While this may seem like standard fare given GTA Online’s frequent events, fans quickly noticed an intriguing detail in the image that appears to be a not-so-subtle nod to GTA 6.


In the image, two GTA Online protagonists are seen wearing Moon Festival t-shirts, standing in front of the iconic Vinewood sign, with the full moon hanging above. However, Rockstar seems to have played a clever trick by positioning the characters in a way that obscures the second half of the Vinewood sign, leaving only the “VI” part visible. This unmistakable reference to the Roman numeral “VI” strongly hints at GTA 6’s title.

While fans are dissecting every move and statement from Rockstar Games in their eagerness to learn more about the upcoming title, this particular post undeniably feels like a playful tease regarding GTA 6. Whether it’s merely a subtle wink toward the highly anticipated game or a celestial sign that a big reveal is imminent remains uncertain. Regardless, it’s reassuring to know that GTA 6 is still very much on Rockstar’s radar.

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