Former GTA Mastermind Unveils Game-Changer: Everywhere, the Adult Playground That’s Like Roblox on Steroids


GTA Everywhere

Leslie Benzies, the visionary behind the Grand Theft Auto series, has just unveiled his latest creation, Everywhere, and it’s nothing short of revolutionary. This game creation tool is poised to become the next big thing, blending the best of Minecraft and Dreams into an immersive adult playground.

While the gaming world eagerly anticipates GTA 6, concerns have loomed over the departure of key staff members who shaped the franchise. Among these, Leslie Benzies’ exit stands out as a significant loss. Having been an integral part of the series since Grand Theft Auto 3 and serving as producer and co-designer for GTA 5, his creative influence was undeniable. However, his departure from Rockstar in 2016 left fans wondering what’s next.

Enter Everywhere, Benzies’ passion project. Until now, details about Everywhere were scarce, but a recent trailer has shed light on this game-changing endeavor. Contrary to expectations of another GTA clone, Everywhere emerges as a dynamic game creation tool that shares similarities with popular platforms like Roblox and Dreams.

Everywhere’s development has progressed to the point where a closed alpha test is on the horizon, hinting at a release that’s still a year or two away. This test promises to provide insights into the game’s true nature.

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The trailer also reveals a social and interactive dimension reminiscent of PlayStation Home. Players can explore social hubs, engage in casual conversations, and partake in pre-made mini-games and diverse biomes.

While the prospect of creating your own content may deter some, it’s worth noting that Roblox, the world’s most successful video game, thrives on user-generated content. Everywhere’s approach seems poised to capture a similar magic, while its art design and tone also target Fortnite’s Creative mode audience, a testament to its broad appeal.

Prepare to step into a world where limitless creativity meets boundless exploration with Everywhere – Leslie Benzies’ vision for the future of gaming. Don’t miss out on what could be the most revolutionary gaming experience since Roblox.

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