Sony Unleashes EPIC New PlayStation 5 Deep Earth Collection – Get Ready to Be Blown Away!


PlayStation 5 Deep Earth Collection

In the ongoing console battle, Sony just dropped a BOMB that’s not just about gaming hardware – it’s about setting trends! While Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller made waves recently, Sony is about to take the gaming world by storm with their jaw-dropping Deep Earth Collection.

At the latest PlayStation State of Play event in September, Sony treated us to a sneak peek at this incredible lineup, and it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Brace yourselves for three mind-blowing, metallic shades that will revolutionize your gaming setup: Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue, and Sterling Silver.

But hold on, it gets even better! The inspiration behind these futuristic colors is none other than our very own planet Earth. Satoshi Aoyagi, the genius behind Sony’s design team, spilled the beans on this groundbreaking collection.

(Video Credit: PlayStation)

“While crafting this new lineup of DualSense controller and PS5 console cover colors, we delved into the breathtaking hues lurking deep within the Earth. And to take it up a notch, we added a metallic finish for that touch of elegance,” he revealed.

Now, get ready to mark your calendars because the pre-orders for this extraordinary collection are unlocking on October 4. But wait, there’s a catch! While you can get your hands on the Volcanic Red and Cobalt Blue pieces on November 3, the Sterling Silver gems won’t be within your reach until January 26.

For just $74.99, you can own the Deep Earth DualSense controllers, and the PS5 console covers are yours for a mere $59.99. Trust us, it’s a small price to pay for the sheer magnificence these items bring to your gaming experience.

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With the global chip shortage finally loosening its grip, Sony is seizing the perfect moment to give the PlayStation 5 an out-of-this-world metallic makeover. But if the Deep Earth Collection isn’t your cup of tea, fear not! You can always opt for the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 covers. Just be prepared for some scalpers trying to cash in on their rarity!

So, what’s the verdict? Are you ready to dive headfirst into the Deep Earth Collection, or are you going to be left behind in the gaming Stone Age? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let the gaming world know where you stand!

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