PlayStation Portal Handheld: A Worldwide Sensation – Already Sold Out in Record Time!


PlayStation Portal Handheld

The highly-anticipated PlayStation Portal handheld console has taken the world by storm, with pre-orders vanishing in the blink of an eye. This remarkable early success not only underscores the immense demand but also hints at a potential commercial triumph.

Pre-orders for this cutting-edge handheld began in late September, and within a remarkably short span, they were all snatched up. The frenzy was so intense that it led to stock shortages in Japan and even on the U.S. Amazon platform.

Although exact sales figures are hard to come by due to the limited pre-order availability, it’s evident that the PlayStation Portal is on the brink of a million units sold as it gears up for its official release.

In a surprising turn of events, the PlayStation Portal has already completely sold out in various parts of the globe, weeks ahead of its scheduled launch. This extraordinary reception suggests that the key limitation of not functioning as a standalone console may not deter its path to commercial glory.

This unique device, initially revealed as Project Q in late May, finally received its official name and a $199.99 price tag three months later. The development journey for the PlayStation Portal began way back in 2015, and after eight long years, pre-orders were opened on September 29.


The PlayStation Portal’s rapid sellout in Japan across all online retailers took less than a day, marking an impressive start to pre-orders in Sony’s home market. Remarkably, it’s also currently marked as “out of stock” on the U.S. Amazon website. The PlayStation Direct store in the U.S. has limited orders to one device per customer due to the overwhelming demand. Best Buy is listing the PlayStation Portal as “coming soon” after initially offering advanced orders in late September, and GameStop, in a show of early support, is only accepting pre-purchases from its Pro subscribers, already designating it as a “bestseller” alongside the PS5 accessory.

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Sony has not disclosed the maximum pre-order volume it aims to fulfill before the device’s debut, making it challenging to gauge its pre-release sales performance. A comparable point is the PS VR2, which managed to meet the demand leading up to its February 2023 launch, eventually selling 600,000 units in its first three months. Given this context, it’s conceivable that the PlayStation Portal, assuming it had a similar pre-order volume, might reach the one million sales mark soon after its launch. This is supported by its potential customer base of around 40 million, equivalent to the number of PS5 consoles Sony sold as of July.

While it’s unclear if retailers that are no longer accepting advanced orders will open additional pre-order waves prior to the mid-November launch, the PlayStation Portal’s impressive early performance suggests that the promise of a portable PS5 experience with extended battery life has won over gamers worldwide, even in a market dominated by standalone handhelds like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

Mark your calendars – the PlayStation Portal is set to make its debut on November 15th, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

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