Explore the Enigmatic World of Necrofugitive: An Exceptional 2D Stealth-Action Game


Get ready for an electrifying journey into the mesmerizing universe of Necrofugitive. This upcoming 2D stealth-action game promises an exhilarating experience, seamlessly merging elements from Carrion and Castlevania. Developed by the skilled team at Black Garden Studios, it transports you to a dark and perilous medieval realm, where you must outsmart your relentless pursuers at every twist and turn. Recently, a breathtaking gameplay trailer was revealed at Realms Deep, leaving gamers eagerly anticipating its release.

In Necrofugitive, you step into the shoes of The Prisoner, a formidable character with the uncanny ability to shapeshift in gruesome ways. Regrettably, your unique powers have marked you as the primary target, not only for the entire kingdom but also for a relentless group of bounty hunters. The trailer presents an enticing mix of hack ‘n’ slash action as you navigate the sinister Kingdom of Avencia. However, it’s essential to note that it’s not just about delivering flashy combos and visceral takedowns.

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As per the game’s official website, Necrofugitive features a dynamic AI system that transforms your adversaries into cunning trackers rather than mere cannon fodder. This game is dedicated to immersing you in the intense sensation of being relentlessly pursued. As the website puts it, “Necrofugitive is focused on replicating the feeling of being hunted and on the run… enemies are numerous and completely ruthless, they will scour the level for you and relentlessly pursue you if spotted.”

To aid your escape, you possess an arsenal of special abilities, including a versatile grappling hook, acrobatic jumps, and the eerie capacity to assume the appearance of your victims, akin to the reverse-horror game Carrion by Phobia Game Studio. Alternatively, you can morph into the formidable “Slaughter Demon,” though this isn’t a guaranteed ticket to freedom.

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The AI in Necrofugitive is a force to be reckoned with. They can deftly navigate the game’s platforming challenges, mirroring a player’s skills, and they will doggedly pursue you across entire stages. This means that sloppy gameplay carries repercussions, similar to how Grand Theft Auto penalizes reckless driving with an army of relentless police officers hot on your trail. Based on my track record with stealth games, be prepared for numerous intense encounters.

What truly sets Necrofugitive apart is its commitment to delivering intelligent AI that adapts and learns from your strategies, setting traps and refraining from reckless charges. Your enemies are far from mindless automatons; they are cunning adversaries who observe and evolve. As the website elaborates, “Rather than blindly charging to their demise, soldiers can recognize and retreat from danger, establish defensive positions, coordinate ambushes, and even follow the orders of a commander. Your enemies are also scrutinizing you, and the longer you engage in combat, the more they learn from your tactics.”

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