SHOCKING REVEAL: Nintendo’s Top-Secret VR Project with Google – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes


Nintendo VR

Renowned leaker Nash Weedle, who accurately predicted the existence of Metroid Dread a year before its official announcement, is now making waves with another revelation. According to Weedle, Nintendo is currently in the early stages of developing a standalone VR device, and the project includes an unexpected partner: Google.

The purported VR device is said to be a game-changer. It will operate independently of the much-anticipated Nintendo Switch successor and will introduce a groundbreaking mixed-reality experience. Moreover, it is rumored to feature a cutting-edge MicroLED screen for stunning visuals.

Weedle’s social media post includes a fan-rendered image envisioning the appearance of this innovative VR device. However, it’s crucial to approach this information with skepticism, as nothing has been officially confirmed.

In a subsequent post, Weedle shed light on the collaboration with Google. According to the leaker, a Google subsidiary holds patents for MicroLED panels, which are believed to be incorporated into the VR device’s prototype. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that this remains unverified information.


Adding intrigue to the situation, a Nintendo patent filed in November 2022 hints at the possibility of a VR unit capable of sharing information with other devices. This could enable interactions between VR users and non-VR players in shared 3D spaces. For instance, a VR player engaging with a virtual chessboard could be joined by a smartphone user, who can observe and interact with the same chessboard using non-VR controls.

If the leak and the patent are indeed linked and represent an actual Nintendo VR project, it raises questions about Nintendo’s strategy. This potential VR device, distinct from the Nintendo Switch’s successor, suggests a return to separate gaming platforms. This move would be intriguing, given Nintendo’s recent consolidation of its handheld and home console lines with the Nintendo Switch. However, only time will reveal the veracity of these claims and the direction Nintendo is heading in this ever-evolving gaming landscape. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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