Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition: A Super Mario Bros. Wonder


Nintendo Switch OLED Mario Red Edition

A Vibrant Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family

Nintendo is set to launch a captivating addition to its gaming lineup in October—the Nintendo Switch OLED Model Mario Red Edition. This exciting announcement took center stage during the company’s Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct event, where they unveiled intriguing insights into the upcoming platformer.

This new thematic iteration of the latest Nintendo Switch boasts a striking all-red design across both the system and Joy-Cons. On the rear, players will discover a charming silhouette of Mario alongside concealed coins. While it may not match the intricacies of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s OLED model, it exudes a sleek and captivating aesthetic. Gamers can anticipate the Mario Red Edition’s release on October 6, a full two weeks before the arrival of Super Mario Bros. Wonder.


Delving into Super Mario Bros. Wonder

While the Nintendo Switch OLED Model Mario Red Edition stole the spotlight during the Direct event, the presentation offered a wealth of insights into the 2D platformer itself. We learned that this adventure unfolds in the enchanting Flower Kingdom, divided into seven distinct areas. As is customary, players will once again confront their arch-nemesis, Bowser, who has merged with the castle of Flower Kingdom’s Prince Florian. Excitingly, in addition to the previously announced characters, players will have the chance to control Nabbit and Yoshis, who are impervious to enemy attacks.

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The game introduces three novel power-ups: the block-obliterating and water-storing Elephant, the enemy-commanding Bubble, and the ground-penetrating Drill. Players will also stumble upon Wonder Flowers, which, when collected, trigger a “Wonder Effect,” adding an element of peculiarity to the level. A badge system enhances gameplay, bestowing players with additional abilities such as a grappling vine and an item sensor. The presentation delved into online play, allowing gamers to encounter each other’s ghost characters in various levels, leave standees to assist one another, and even compete in races through the game’s various challenges.

The Grand Debut

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is poised to make its exclusive debut on the Nintendo Switch on October 20. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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