Nexus Mods Takes Stand Against Controversial Starfield Mod – Sparks Heated Debate!


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In a galaxy far, far away, Nexus Mods has ignited a fiery debate by booting a Starfield mod that erased the game’s character pronoun options. The gaming community is still buzzing with discussions and opinions on this matter, and the controversy shows no signs of cooling down. Despite the uproar from a vocal minority of Starfield enthusiasts, Nexus Mods stands firm on its decision. In an exclusive interview with 404 Media, they expressed no regrets, labeling the backlash as “vitriolic” and originating from a small faction within the modding community.

“Not About Politics!” – Nexus Mods Defends Its Stance

Nexus Mods made it clear that their decision wasn’t a political statement but rather a commitment to fostering diversity and inclusion in their community. The removal of pronoun options, while favored by some, contradicted their vision of a thriving modding ecosystem. They see their platform as a place where all gamers, regardless of their backgrounds, can come together and enjoy their favorite titles without exclusion.

The Starfield Saga Unravels

The controversy began shortly after the release of Bethesda’s highly anticipated space opera RPG, Starfield, when a YouTuber’s viral rant decried the character creation pronoun options as immersion-breakers. The YouTube video quickly gained traction, sparking fierce debates among gamers. Players can choose between she/her, he/him, and they/them pronouns in the game’s character creator, but some argued that this feature disrupted the immersive experience they sought in a sprawling space adventure.


This initial uproar triggered a storm of discussions on the Steam forums, with Starfield labeled as “woke” or “political” by some players. These debates illuminated a broader issue in the gaming community – the tension between game developers’ efforts to be inclusive and certain players’ resistance to perceived political messaging in their beloved games.

Mod Removal Sparks New Conversations

Even though the initial debates have subsided, the removal of this mod has reignited the conversation. Recently, a fresh wave of negative reviews flooded Starfield’s Steam page, with players criticizing the “awful character creator” and alluding to political motivations. Some players feel that the removal of this mod robs them of an option they believe should be present, while others support Nexus Mods’ decision, viewing it as a step toward creating a more inclusive gaming environment.

Nexus Mods’ decision to enforce inclusivity and diversity aligns with their history of similar actions. In 2022, they banned an account that had created a mod for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which removed Pride flags from the city. Their stance on this matter has been consistent – “we are for inclusivity, we are for diversity.” Nexus Mods remains resolute in ensuring that their platform continues to be a space where gamers from all walks of life can come together to enjoy the rich world of modding and gaming.

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The Starfield saga continues to captivate the gaming community, sparking conversations on diversity, inclusion, and the role of politics in video games. As the debate rages on, players and modders alike will be watching closely to see how these discussions shape the future of the gaming industry. Don’t miss out on the drama – Click here to read more!

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