Diablo 4’s Controversial Choices Divide Fans – What’s Next for the Game?


Diablo 4's Controversial Choices

Diablo 4 has recently faced backlash from its community due to the release of Patch 1.1 and Season of the Malignant, which caused a noticeable decline in Twitch viewership. Fans are expressing their disappointment, not only with the upcoming Season of Blood but also with the unexpected crossover between Diablo and Call of Duty. Many players believe that Inarius and Lilith don’t quite fit into the FPS franchise, raising questions about the game’s priorities for updates.

Despite the frustration, Diablo 4 players are holding out hope for a turnaround similar to the one Diablo 3 experienced after a rocky launch. The merger of Diablo 4 and Call of Duty has stirred controversy, both artistically and in terms of gameplay. Some members of the Diablo community have voiced their displeasure over this unconventional collaboration.


Diablo 4 initially gained popularity upon its release, but the honeymoon phase faded rapidly as players began demanding much-needed quality-of-life improvements. Patch 1.1 and the Season of the Malignant further exacerbated player exodus, causing a significant drop of over 98% in Twitch viewership since the game’s launch.

The Season of Blood, set to launch on October 17, promises some itemization fixes, including reworked resistances and slot-free gems. However, many fans view it as a mere extension of the Season of the Malignant, believing that the game needs more than a stash filter to revitalize its endgame experience.

In an unconventional move, Activision introduced Inarius and Lilith as playable skins in Call of Duty, further disappointing Diablo 4 players. Reddit users, including razbouz, have expressed their discontent with the crossover, joking that Call of Duty now boasts more Diablo content than Diablo 4 itself. Some have even quipped that the Mother and Father of Sanctuary have abandoned the game.

However, not everyone views the crossover negatively. Some players find the concept amusing and choose to embrace the situation with a more positive outlook. While Diablo 4 has let down some of its fans, it’s important to remember that past Diablo games also faced challenges. Diablo 3, for instance, required a complete reworking of itemization and endgame content through an expansion pack to become the success it is today. Perhaps the journey to improve Diablo 4 won’t be as arduous in comparison.

With BlizzCon 2023 on the horizon, there’s hope that the game’s future will become clearer. As a live service title, Diablo 4 may announce its first expansion pack during the event, especially considering the players’ demands for substantial changes that go beyond seasonal content or balance patches. Blizzard is in a prime position to redeem the game by releasing an expansion that irons out its rough edges. Whether lightning will strike twice remains to be seen, but Diablo 4 players should mark November 3 on their calendars.

Diablo 4 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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