Blizzard Enthusiasts Remain Skeptical of Recent Leaks Regarding Overwatch, Diablo, and WoW


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An unidentified source on the forum site 4Chan has made bold claims about various Blizzard projects, including renowned franchises like “World of Warcraft” and “Overwatch.” However, these assertions have failed to gain the trust of dedicated fans. According to a post that has garnered attention recently, it appears that Blizzard has experienced more turmoil in recent years than previously known.

One revelation suggests that Blizzard aims to make substantial changes to the gameplay and balance in “Overwatch 2” by introducing a soft reboot titled “Overwatch Next.” Similarly, “Diablo 4” is purportedly undergoing a significant overhaul following the departure of key development personnel. The 4Chan user also alleges that the “World of Warcraft: Dragonflight” expansion initially began as an unrelated mobile game, with the “WoW” brand added late in its development. Additionally, Blizzard is said to be planning the introduction of a battle pass-style service for “WoW” in the near future. Perhaps the most disheartening claim in the post is the assertion that Microsoft intends to restructure Blizzard after its planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard, dividing the company’s intellectual property among multiple developers.

Despite being reposted on several forums, it appears that these supposed leaks have left fans of Blizzard’s major franchises largely unconvinced. Instead, they have been met with skepticism, jokes, and snide remarks. Many fans believe that these leaks are fabricated to provoke the community. As one Reddit user, DMPancake, pointed out, “It used to be more believable.”

The prevailing sentiment towards this particular leak can be summarized by a comment from Reddit user deltronaverse, who humorously remarked on the state of “Overwatch 2,” stating, “This is definitely not true. You can tell because it says they are working on Overwatch 2. They would never.” Most responses share a similar tone of disbelief, with many dismissing the 4Chan leak. Some argue that the source itself, 4Chan, is a red flag, while others point out apparent contradictions within the post. Reddit user joschilol commented, “Overwatch gets a reboot without a battle pass system, but WoW is ruined by its introduction?” Some fans have also questioned the 4Chan user’s understanding of video game development, particularly regarding their claims about the “Dragonflight” project.

Nevertheless, not everyone is entirely dismissive of the post. A Reddit user claiming to be a former Blizzard employee suggested, “This all sounds quite plausible and aligns with what I knew about major projects when I left.” Without an official statement from Blizzard, these claims cannot be definitively disproven. Still, it seems that most ardent Blizzard fans remain unshaken by these alleged leaks.

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