SHOCKING Revelation! Meta’s Mystery Move: 3 Beloved Oculus Games Vanish Without a Trace Leaving Gamers Fuming!


Meta's Oculus games shutdown

Hold onto your VR headsets, because this is a bombshell that will leave you on the edge of your seat! Meta, the tech titan steering the Oculus ship, has just dropped a bombshell: they’re yanking not just one, not two, but THREE cherished games from their lineup. Dead and Buried, Dead and Buried II, and Bogo—gone in the blink of an eye!

Now, what’s utterly mind-boggling about this whole ordeal? Brace yourselves—there’s not a single word of explanation! It’s as if these virtual worlds vanished into thin air, leaving Oculus enthusiasts in a whirlwind of confusion and frustration.

Your inbox might be harboring the same grim news as ours, reading something like this: “Dead and Buried, your beloved game, will be vanishing into the digital abyss as of Friday, March 15, 2024.” That’s right, March 15th is D-day, and there’s no turning back!

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But the plot thickens! News from UploadVR and Road to VR paints a grim picture—Dead and Buried II and the charming Bogo are also on the hit list, sharing that dreaded March 15th deadline. The outcry among gamers is reaching a crescendo!

The question on everyone’s lips: What’s the deal, Meta? Why the sudden execution of fan-favorite games, and why the eerie silence? It’s a move as puzzling as a VR thriller plot twist!

Now, let’s talk about Bogo for a second. This little gem isn’t even a multiplayer game that relies on online servers. So, why strip it away from the gaming community entirely when you could just deem it incompatible with newer headsets?

And what about Dead and Buried II, a game that cost gamers a solid $20? Will Meta extend an olive branch in the form of refunds or compensations to those left in the lurch? The original Dead and Buried might’ve come free with Oculus Touch controllers and some headsets, but what about the loyal supporters of Dead and Buried II and Bogo?

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The enigma deepens! Remember when Meta pulled the plug on Population: One for original Quest owners, despite its immense popularity? It’s all part of this perplexing puzzle!

As of now, Meta is keeping its lips sealed, dodging inquiries and leaving gamers in the dark. With four titles mysteriously vanishing, including the beloved Population: One, trust in Meta’s gaming store hangs in the balance.

In this topsy-turvy VR universe, gamers are left pondering: What’s next? Stick around, because we’ll be keeping a close eye on this unfolding virtual gaming saga! Don’t miss a beat, stay tuned for more shocking updates.

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