Magic: The Gathering Arena Launches on Steam in May


Magic: The Gathering Arena

The latest digital version of the popular collectible card game, Magic: The Gathering Arena, is set to launch on Steam on May 23, much earlier than expected. Originally planned for a fall 2023 release, the announcement was made during a presentation at MagicCon Minneapolis last Friday.

Magic: The Gathering Arena
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PC Early Access and Mobile Versions

Magic: The Gathering Arena was launched into early access with a PC client in 2018. Although the versions for mobile devices, including Android and iOS, came later, the game has kept pace with physical card releases for years now, with some sets even going to digital first.

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New Expansion to Community of Digital Magic Players

Incorporating the Steam platform has the potential to considerably expand the digital Magic player base globally as well as within the United States. Steam is one of the world’s most popular gaming storefronts and this will offer a great opportunity to expand the game’s reach.

Console-Compatible Version in Development

While the PC and mobile versions have been available for a while, console players will have to wait a little longer. According to sources, a console-compatible version for Xbox and PlayStation is still in development and is not expected to launch anytime soon.

Free-to-Play with In-Game Currency Option

Although Magic: The Gathering Arena is technically free to play, players have the option to purchase in-game currency to buy new blind packs of cards. This system allows players to obtain new cards without having to physically purchase packs.

Magic: The Gathering Arena’s arrival on Steam is great news for the game’s growing community of players. The addition of the world’s most popular gaming storefront is sure to expand the game’s reach and attract new players. Despite the delay in console compatibility, players on PC and mobile devices can enjoy the game’s latest offerings while using in-game currency to purchase new cards. Overall, the launch on Steam is a significant development that will help Magic: The Gathering Arena continue to thrive in the digital gaming world.

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