Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep Unveils New Strand Aspects for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks


Destiny 2

Bungie’s upcoming Season of the Deep for Destiny 2 is set to introduce a new Aspect choice for Strand subclasses, giving players the opportunity to customize their gameplay experience further. Aspects are a crucial part of each subclass in the game, but Strand has had no choice in terms of what to use until now.

Destiny 2
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Bungie has already revealed the new Aspect that each class will receive, fulfilling their promise to expand the array of Aspects next season. According to the latest This Week at Bungie post, Bungie aims to strengthen existing Strand kits and expand the gameplay options of each class through these Aspects.

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Here’s a breakdown of the new Strand Aspects for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks:

Hunter – Threaded Specter

The new Hunter Strand Aspect is called Threaded Specter, which leaves behind a decoy when you activate your class ability. The diversionary tactic draws the attention of hostile fire, enabling you and your comrades to find a safe haven. If enemies get too close to the decoy or destroy it, it will explode, dealing damage and summoning Threadlings.

Titan – Flechette Storm

Titans get the Flechette Storm Strand Aspect, which allows you to launch yourself into the air by sliding and then activating your charged melee. This inflicts harm on enemies in close proximity, propelling them backwards. As you soar through the air, you can frequently initiate your charged hand-to-hand combat attack, releasing missiles that harm foes and untangle them.

Destiny 2
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Warlock – The Wanderer

The Wanderer is the new Strand Aspect for Warlocks, which centers around Tangles. The Aspect makes it so that Tangles stick to enemies and then detonate, applying Suspend. Additionally, Tangles are generated from Threadling final blows.

To equip these new Aspects, you’ll need to swap out one of your existing Aspects as you can only have a maximum of two at a time. To unlock them, you’ll need to complete a pursuit that you can obtain from the Pouka Pond on Neomuna once Season of the Deep launches on May 23.

In addition to these new Aspects, players can expect a reduction in the cooldown of Strand’s grapple ability and buffs to a number of Supers. Bungie is also swapping in more Exotic drops in place of Pinnacle rewards due to the Power level cap not increasing next season. Finally, old raid Exotics will soon be easier to obtain.

Experience Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep with these new Strand Aspects and get ready to customize your gameplay even further.

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