Flashback 2: The Ultimate Adventure with Conrad B. Hart


Flashback 2

In the 22nd century, the world is a vast and complex place, with the United Worlds spanning the entirety of the Solar System. But tranquility is about to be disrupted by a menacing invasion led by the fearsome General Lazarus and his Morph army. Conrad B. Hart, the intrepid hero of the original Flashback game, is back once again, ready to face new challenges and embark on an epic adventure. The highly anticipated sequel to the legendary Flashback game, which captivated gamers over 30 years ago, has just revealed a brand new trailer that promises to be even more thrilling and action-packed than the original. Flashback 2 is set to release this November for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Flashback 2
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As the trailer suggests, the game is a must-play for fans of the original, with developer Paul Cuisset at the helm and members of the original team, such as game designer Thierry Perreau and composer Raphaël Gesqua, contributing their expertise to the project.

Flashback 2 takes players on an exhilarating journey through a futuristic world, where Conrad must once again face his enemies with the help of his few allies, including A.I.S.H.A., his iconic AI-powered weapon. His mission is to find his lifelong friend Ian, and in the process, he uncovers shocking revelations and twists that will keep players on the edge of their seats.

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The game, available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in a limited edition, contains the game, a unique steelbook, and the Flashback 2 OST. But for die-hard fans, the Collector’s Edition, available on PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch, is the ultimate package, featuring tons more awesome content. This edition includes the full game, the original Flashback video game in digital version, an 8-inch (20cm) figurine of Conrad, three lithographs, an exclusive Steelbook®, a unique badge, Flashback 2 digital soundtrack, and two sticker sheets.

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Flashback 2 promises to be a thrilling and immersive experience for players, as they step into Conrad’s shoes and navigate the intricate world of the 22nd century. The game features stunning graphics and visuals that will transport players to another dimension, where they will encounter danger at every turn.

With the return of Conrad B. Hart and the addition of exciting new gameplay features, Flashback 2 is set to be the ultimate adventure for fans of the original game and newcomers alike. Get ready to dive into a breathtaking world full of twists and turns, where nothing is as it seems, and danger lurks around every corner.

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