Hogwarts Legacy Glitch Turns Depulso Spell into Apparate Spell for One Player


Hogwarts Legacy

Magic can be unpredictable, and sometimes even the most practiced wizard can encounter unexpected results. This is what happened to one Hogwarts Legacy player who stumbled upon a glitch that caused him to virtually teleport a short distance away, resembling the Apparate spell from the Harry Potter movies.

Hogwarts Legacy
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The glitch occurred when Reddit user Mico424 attempted to cast the Depulso spell, typically used as an attack spell to push objects or enemies away from the caster. However, when the spell was cast in front of a cloth sack, the wizard was propelled forward with great force, almost as if he had Apparated to the new location.

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While the Apparate spell is not available to players in Hogwarts Legacy, the use of floo flames, brooms, and flying beasts make traveling through the game world simple. However, the glitch has caused some confusion among fans about the true nature of the Apparate spell.

In the Harry Potter novels, the Apparate spell is described as instantly transporting a witch or wizard from one location to another, accompanied by a loud cracking noise. However, in the movies, the spell is often depicted as a white or black smoke that allows characters to simulate broomless flight. The glitch in Hogwarts Legacy seems to resemble the fast movement of characters using the Apparate spell in the movies.

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Despite the confusion, fans have found humor in the glitch. Reddit user eneguema_I commented on how the character in the video seemed taken aback by the experience, while Pingonaut made a reference to a subquest in the game that required the use of the Depulso spell.

This glitch is a reminder that even in the magical world of Hogwarts, the unexpected can happen. Whether it’s a glitch in the game or a spell gone wrong, magic can be unpredictable and full of surprises. Who knows what other magical mishaps might occur in the world of Hogwarts Legacy?

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