Call of Duty Black Ops: All Missions and Rewards 2023



Fed up of the same old Call of Duty every year? Want to try something new, but don’t know where to start? With Call of Duty Black Ops, Treyarch has re-invented the game and come up with something that’s both familiar and new at the same time, proving that it can still be done well. With plenty of unique maps and game modes, it stands on its own as a great addition to the Call of Duty franchise, even without the robust online experience you’ll find in games like Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty Black Ops

Mission One: Operation 40

  1. Follow Woods outside after the opening cutscene to quickly destroy automobiles using the grenade launcher.
  2. Follow Woods to the alleyway leading to the automobile while remaining concealed to escape hostile fire.
  3. Repel down to the base below with Woods after the automobile cutscene.
  4. Woods needs cover fire, so follow him down the hall. Any opposition should be killed.
  5. You’ll be in the middle of a slow-motion action sequence when you smash the door. Kill every opponent inside.
  6. You’ll be in another slow-motion action scenario after the first. When Castro collapses and dies, aim for the head, but keep an eye out for the hostage.
  7. Go to the following checkpoint. Use the doorway’s left side as cover, or climb up to the sandbags in front of you to get some powerful weaponry, including a rocket launcher.
  8. Run to the airplane that is waiting for you at the hanger before it takes off without you after defending your teammates for a time.
  9. To cause the most harm, focus on automobiles and barrels of red fuel. Then exit the aircraft.


  • Sacrifice (Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy)-Awarded for completing “Operation 40” on any difficulty level.
  • Death to Dictators (Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy)- Achieved by shooting Castro in the head.
  • Cold Warrior (Silver Trophy Silver Trophy)-Obtained by defeating “Executive Order,” “Operation 40,” and “Vorkuta” on the Veteran.

Call of Duty Black Ops Mission Two: Vorkuta

  1. After the cutscene, follow the remaining prisoners through the shafts using your knife on any guards that try and attack you. Then, before you go outside, wait until the inmates are shot to death.
  2. Reznov and Sergei should be shielded as they move the cart. The mounted LMG will rip you apart, so make sure to stay behind the cart.
  3. Travel to the following checkpoint, then ascend to the roof. For a direct hit on the “Target”, use the bottom of the aiming reticle.
  4. Continue to pursue and guard Reznov as you proceed to the checkpoint.
  5. You should keep moving toward the checkpoint. As you pick up the weapon from the ground, be careful of ammunition.
  6. As you approach the checkpoint, grab the harpoon and use it to shoot the helicopter, taking it out in the process.
  7. Continue on with Reznov to the next checkpoint while actively checking your ammo.
  8. As you get to the next goal, keep fighting and search military bodies for better weaponry.
  9. When the door is broken, try to throw some grenades at these opponents.
  10. The minigun is excellent at eliminating both vehicles and soldiers.
  11. For this brief motorbike riding scene, your shotgun becomes amazingly powerful.
  12. Hold off the baddies long enough for the objective to end and the cutscene to begin.


  • Give me liberty (/Bronze Trophy Bronze) – Beat “Vorkuta” on any difficulty to obtain.
  • Slingshot Kid (Bronze Trophy) – Achieved in “Vorkuta” by eliminating every target after three tries.
  • Vehicular Slaughter (Silver Trophy) – Acquired by obliterating every vehicle in “Vorkuta.”
  • Cold Warrior (Silver Trophy) – Achieved with the successful completion of “Operation 40,” “Vorkuta,” and “Executive Order” on the Veteran.
Call of Duty Black Ops

Mission Three: U.S.D.D.

A delayed cutscene.


  • VIP (Bronze Trophy) – Awarded for finishing “U.S.D.D.” on any difficulty.

Mission Four: Executive Order

  1. After putting on your disguises and following Woods, proceed to the next checkpoint. When your disguise is broken, the combat will start.
  2. Peek out just enough to have a clear shot when approaching from a stairwell.
  3. While defending Bowman and Brooks, the crossbow with destructive bolts becomes your choice of weapon.
  4. Before your teammate is shot, break the window and eliminate the opponents.
  5. Pick the right moment to move through the facility, such as when the opponent is unloading. then proceed to the following checkpoint.
  6. Detonate the charge after placing it on the designated wall.
  7. You only have one chance to take out the rocket, so grab the Valkyrie missile. Make it worth.
  8. Kill any enemies that stand in your way as you go on to the next checkpoint. Hoorah!
  9. Take care as you approach the final checkpoint where you must murder Dragovic to finish the task.


  • Cold Warrior (Silver Trophy)-Beat “Executive Order” on any difficulties to obtain.
  • A Safer Place (Bronze Trophy Bronze)-Won by defeating “Executive Order,” “Operation 40,” and “Vorkuta” on the Veteran.

Mission Five: S.O.G.

  1. As you advance to the next objective marker, fight your way through the trenches
  2. Cross several obstacles and keep up the fight against the bad dudes with Woods and Hudson.
  3. Take down the T55 tanks using the rocket launcher.
  4. When Woods pushes the first barrel down the slope, offer cover fire.
  5. To illuminate the trenches below, engage with the other barrels.
  6. As you climb the hill, start firing on the opponents as soon as you spot them.
  7. In order to attack the tanks, control the rockets to avoid obstacles. The mission will be completed once the tanks have been destroyed.


  • Looks Don’t Count (Bronze Trophy) – Beat “S.O.G.” on any difficulty to obtain.
  • Tough Economy (Bronze Trophy) – Achieved by destroying the tanks with no more than six rockets.
  • Down and Dirty (Silver Trophy) – Beat “S.O.G.” and “The Defector” on Veteran to obtain.
Call of Duty Black Ops

Mission Six: The Defector

  1. From this elevated vantage position, keep hold of the enemies before descending the steps.
  2. Before descending to this level, make sure the hostile troops from above have been driven out.
  3. Go to the checkpoint indicated on the soldier who is clearly shocked, and then grab the radio from him.
  4. Take the armored car with you as you navigate the streets
  5. “When calling for air support, remain in cover.
  6. Dragon’s Breath may quickly eliminate all of the evil men in a hallway.
  7. To quickly eliminate opposing troops approaching your location, use explosives.
  8. On the opposing tanks, apply air support.


  • SOG Rules (Bronze Trophy) – Beat “The Defector” on any difficulty to obtain.
  • Raining Pain (Bronze Trophy) -Achieved by using the air support to score 20 kills.
  • The Dragon Within (Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy) – Acquired by using the Dragon’s Breath to kill 10 NVA.
  • Down and Dirty (Silver Trophy) – Beat “S.O.G.” and “The Defector” on Veteran to obtain.

Mission Seven: Numbers

  1. Pick up your weapon from the neighbouring weapon cache after passing the checkpoint and ascending the staircase. That is a lot of weapons.
  2. As you dispatch the opponents camped there, keep your distance.
  3. Using your long-range weaponry once more, eliminate the campers.
  4. From the weapon locker shown in the image on the left, stock up on your preferred long-range weapon.
  5. The Dragunov IR will display head signatures, making it simple to identify the locations of the enemy’s snipers.
  6. Continue on to the next set of apartments.
  7. As they gather around the doorway, opponents are easily eliminated with the China Lake.
  8. After a cinematic in which the player must save the doctor from falling, leap from the building, and enter the van, the mission will conclude.


  • Double Trouble (Bronze Trophy) – Awarded for defeating “Numbers” using just dual-wielded 
  • Broken English (Bronze Trophy) – Awarded for defeating “Numbers” on any level of difficulty.
  • It’s Your Funeral (Silver Trophy) – Awarded for defeating the Veteran versions of “Numbers,” “Project Nova,” and “Victor Charlie.”
Call of Duty Black Ops

Mission Eight: Project Nova

  1. Enter the base from bot and oppose the Germans there.
  2. Push the assault into the strongholds.
  3. Go ahead and enter the radio control facility.
  4. Throw grenades at the Germans to make them leave their hiding places.
  5. For artillery strikes, identify targets via flash bangs.
  6. Using mounted machinegun positions, the sniper rifle works brilliantly to pick out opponents.
  7. Steiner is by himself, hanging out.
  8. Shoot the V2 clamp to make a topside pathway.
  9. Repel down off the aircraft, and you’ll enter a cut scene that ends the mission because the Russian and British forces won’t be paying much attention to you because they’ll be too busy fighting each other.


  • Some wounds never heal (Bronze Trophy) – Awarded for defeating “Project Nova” on any level of difficulty.
  • It’s Your Funeral (Silver Trophy) – Awarded for defeating the Veteran versions of “Numbers,” “Project Nova,” and “Victor Charlie.”
  • Light Foot (Silver Trophy) – Acquired by leaving the ship on Veteran in less than 2:15 seconds.

Mission Nine: Victor Charlie

  1. After getting out of the helicopter, proceed up the river bank and take out the opposing soldiers.
  2. The indicated spots underwater are plant C4 charges.
  3. Blow up the bombs, then get ready to invade the opponent base.
  4. You can make the most accurate shot by looking down your side.
  5. To swiftly destroy enemies here, use the M202.
  6. Kill enemy soldiers who are hiding inside houses and on roofs.
  7. Move through the town after taking down the big machinegun post.


  • Up close and personal (Bronze Trophy) – Acquired by killing 3 VC covertly in “Victor Charlie.”
  • Heavy Hand (Bronze Trophy) – Acquired by destroying the MG emplacement with the Grim Reaper.
  • It’s Your Funeral (Silver Trophy) – Acquired by destroying the MG emplacement with the Grim Reaper.
Call of Duty Black Ops

Mission Ten: Crash Site

  1. Destroy your targets far away. Your boat can’t take that much damage, so you won’t want to be near the weapons.
  2. Guard towers should be prioritized because they can seriously harm your boat with their rocket firing.
  3. To ensure that your missiles will hit the enemy vessel, aim just in front of it.
  4. Look for where your unit is firing if you’re having problems seeing where the opponent is in the undergrowth.
  5. You should use a sniper rifle or grenade launcher in this section. You will complete the objective after eliminating all the enemies.


  • Never get off the boat (Bronze Trophy) – Awarded for defeating “Crash Site” on any level of difficulty.
  • Lord Nelson (Silver Trophy) – Acquired by destroying every target and building as you move up the river in “Crash Site.”
  • Not Today (Silver Trophy) – Awarded for defeating the Veteran difficulty in the games “Crash Site,” “WMD,” and “Payback.”

Mission Eleven: WMD

  1. After firing the SR-71, remain crouching for accuracy and keep an eye on the windows and entrance.
  2. Remove all hostile enemies from this area by moving through it. After that, detonate the explosive charge.
  3. As many troops as you can eliminate by breaking the window in this bullet time sequence.
  4. Remember not to utilize explosive bolts when using the crossbow to discreetly dispatch the foes in the garage!
  5. If you want to know when to anticipate attackers to reach your area, pay attention to the SR-71’s pilot.
  6. As soon as the bridge collapses, run and jump to the opposite side. Then, run against the avalanche before jumping from the mountain and landing by parachute.
  7. Cut through this foundation. Stop worrying about keeping silent.


  • Not Today (Silver Trophy) – Finish the Veteran’s “Crash Site,” “WMD,” and “Payback” missions.
  • Mr. Black OP (Silver Trophy) – Sneak inside the Soviet base.
  • Pathfinder (Silver Trophy) – Command the squad without killing them.
Call of Duty Black Ops

Mission Twelve: Payback

  1. Kill the foe that murdered Bowman after playing Russian roulette, and then use your AK47 to rush through this region, taking out all opponents.
  2. Before they shoot you down, keep going to the checkpoint until you reach the helicopter and take out important defensive buildings
  3. There are several targets that will be challenging to hit and will call for some accuracy.
  4. To avoid being attacked by the Hinds, weave back and forth. Instead of using the missiles, fire them down using your cannon (missile are not very accurate).
  5. Break through this final enemy position and release the prisoners.
  6. After a brief cutscene, the mission will be over if you keep defeating the remaining foes.


  • Russian bar-b-q (Bronze Trophy) – Awarded for using the Flamethrower attachment to kill 10 
  • With Extreme Prejudice (Silver Trophy) – Achieved by using just rockets to travel to the compound in the Hind.
  • Not Today (Silver Trophy) – Achieved by defeating the Veteran versions of “Crash Site,” “WMD,” and “Payback.”

Mission Thirteen: Rebirth

  1. Well after cutscene, open the crate’s door, kill the guard inside, and take his hatchet for yourself. Resnov is being followed around the rooftops.
  2. Take Reznov to the elevator, start shooting, and let the mayhem begin.
  3. Reznov’s sweeping motions should continue after that. Keep an eye out for adversaries firing at you from a distance.
  4. After the cutscene, Hudson will be under your control. Kill any foes in your path with the LMG.
  5. Continue operating the weapon until a quick cutscene knocks you out of the car and surrounds you in Nova 6 gas. Only certain hits can be taken by your mask. So take care of your health and sweep the area as you normally would.
  6. Utilize your sniper rifle to identify the foes through the Nexus 6 cloud.
  7. Grab the rocket launcher off the ground, aim it at the opposing helicopters, and fire.
  8. Go to the following checkpoint. From here, you can shoot on the enemy soldiers below.
  9. After a brief cutscene, the operation will be over if you keep moving toward the next checkpoint and kill every guard within the facility.


  • I hate monkeys (Bronze Trophy) – Achieved by killing 7 monkeys in less than 10 seconds.
  • No Leaks (Silver Trophy) – Awarded for surviving after the Nova 6 gas is released.
  • Burn Notice (Silver Trophy) -Win after beating the Veteran with “Rebirth” and “Redemption.

Mission Fourteen: Revelations

You only have to follow the waypoint each time it shifts until you reach the level’s conclusion and learn the location of the decisive battle: Cuba. You cannot die during this portion of the game.


  • Clarity (Bronze Trophy) – Awarded for completing “Revelations” on any difficulty level.
  • Burn Notice (Silver Trophy) -Gain after defeating the Veteran with “Rebirth” and “Redemption.” (This task is also important.).
Call of Duty Black Ops

Mission Fifteen: Redemption

  1. You will be in charge of the helicopter following the opening cutscene. On the Rusalka, there will be a number of enemy weapon installations that you must eliminate as priority objectives. Give Weaver and his team some cover fire.
  2. After taking out the hostile helicopter, take the helicopter to the checkpoint; there will be a cutscene. Then, proceed to the next checkpoint while taking out all enemies in your path.
  3. Make your way to the next checkpoint while making sure to always remain in cover.
  4. Get there, the Valkyrie missiles.
  5. Grab the Valkyrie Missiles, then take out the enemy helicopters.
  6. When possible, take advantage of your enemy’s height advantage. then go to the following checkpoint 
  7. When crossing the water streams, keep your rifle ready. When the water is rushing in, it will be challenging to aim at opponents.
  8. To kill Dragovic, proceed to the last checkpoint and execute the instructions displayed there.
  9. Congratulations, you’ve finished the game following a closing cutscene.


  • Closer Analysis (Bronze Trophy) – Acquired through gathering all the intel
  • Double Whammy (Bronze Trophy) – Acquired by firing 1 Valkyrie missile against the 2 helicopters.
  • Burn Notice (Silver Trophy) – Win after beating the Veteran with “Rebirth” and “Redemption.
  • Stand Down (Silver Trophy) – Awarded for completing the Campaign on any difficulty level.
  • BLACK OP MASTER (Gold Trophy) – Awarded for successfully completing the Campaign on Hardened or Veteran.


Call of Duty Black Ops is among the most popular games on the market. It’s filled with lots of high-octane missions and some high stakes rewards. As you play through the game, you’ll see that there are many ways to unlock even more goodies for your game. The keys to unlocking all those goodies are patience, skill, knowledge, and a little luck. You can’t just get anywhere in this game by playing with random players; you need to know what weapons work best against certain enemies or when it’s time to run away from a battle with a particularly tough group. The best part about this game is how easy it is to earn points so that you can buy new guns or attachments for them–all you have to do is keep playing missions!

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