C-Smash VRS Announced for PS VR2: A Game Overview


C-Smash VRS

Publisher RapidEyeMovers and developer Wolf & Wood, in collaboration with SEGA, have announced the upcoming release of C-Smash VRS for PlayStation VR2. The game is set to launch in 2023, with a demo version becoming available on March 23.

C-Smash VRS

What is C-Smash VRS?

C-Smash VRS is a virtual reality (VR) sports game that reimagines SEGA’s beloved arcade and console classic for the online gaming world. It offers players a total mind and body experience, transporting them to another universe while they play. The game is a fusion of different racket sports like squash, tennis, and paddleball, as well as other sporting disciplines.

Key Features of C-Smash VRS

Virtual Reality Experience: C-Smash VRS offers players a truly transportive experience where their minds and bodies are at one with the game’s stunning visuals and music.

Single-Player, Versus, and Co-Op Modes: Players can enjoy the game alone, with a friend or play against other players worldwide in a variety of competitive modes. The Infinity mode offers the ultimate workout for players.

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Original Soundtrack: The game features original tracks from DJ Ken Ishii and Danalogue, which synchronize with players’ avatars’ body and dynamic environments, providing a pure synesthetic experience.

Design Made Physical: The game is built from the ground up by virtual reality pioneers Wolf & Wood and an international dream team of artists, designers, and musicians committed to changing how games can make players move, see, hear, and feel.

Intuitive Controls: Players can learn the basics of the game in minutes before mastering mind and time-bending trick shots and special techniques.

Full-Body Immersion: C-Smash VRS transports players’ entire bodies to another universe, offering a total mind and body experience.

Fitness Without the Stress: Players can get fit while having fun playing the game and building up a sweat.

Demo Release

A demo version of C-Smash VRS will be available on March 23, allowing players to experience the game’s key features before the official release.

C-Smash VRS is an upcoming VR sports game that promises players a total mind and body experience. With its intuitive controls, original soundtrack, and different gameplay modes, the game is set to appeal to a wide range of players. The demo version is an excellent opportunity for players to experience the game’s unique features before its official launch.

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