Crime Boss: Rockay City Gameplay of First Episode Lost Candy


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crime boss: rockay city

We have great news! Publisher 505 Games and developer INGAME STUDIOS have just released a brand new trailer for the action-packed cooperative organized crime first-person shooter Crime Boss: Rockay City. This one is called “First Episode: Lost Candy,” and it looks like an awesome ride! We can’t wait to check it out.

crime boss: rockay city

Are you ready to come to Rockay City, the shining gem of Florida? Get ready for a joyous new life starting right away–the candy shipment is calling your name! Set up shop and prepare yourself for all this city has to offer. Welcome to Rockay City!

Crime Boss: Rockay City is coming to PCs on March 28th – woohoo! And there’s not long to wait until it’s also available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series later in 2023. Let the good times roll – check out all the news and info about this game right here!

Here is First Episode: Lost Candy of Crime Boss: Rockay City

(Video credit: 505 Games)

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