Unleash the Adrenaline: Airframe Ultra – The Ultimate Hoverbike Battler


Airframe Ultra

Developer Videocult unveils “Airframe Ultra,” a thrilling multiplayer battler where you’ll race through a gritty industrial city on cutting-edge hoverbikes. Surprisingly, the masterminds behind Rain World’s adorable slugcats take a daring departure with this exhilarating project.

Airframe Ultra
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Akira Bike Slides in Airframe Ultra: A Deadly and Stylish Ride

The trailer for Airframe Ultra showcases heart-pounding Akira-inspired bike slides that exude both violence and style. One standout moment is when a biker skillfully drives their wrench into the concrete, executing an impressive 180-degree turn. But that’s not all; players can wield an array of lethal tools, including Molotov cocktails, whip chains, and katanas.

Thrilling Features: Hoverbikes, Weapons, and Vibes

The Steam page offers a glimpse of the game’s three main features: hoverbikes, weapons, and vibes. While this might seem modest, it’s precisely what a game like this needs to captivate its audience. However, the screenshots divulge even more intriguing details. For example, players have the freedom to customize their cyberpunk bikers, and there are various explorable areas apart from the intense street races and combat arenas.

Viral Potential: A Trendsetter Studio

Studio Videocult has an impressive track record of going viral. Back when Rain World was in development, GIFs featuring the adorable slugcats circulated widely, piquing curiosity and generating excitement. Similarly, developer Joar Jakobsson cleverly teased attractive Airframe Ultra clips on social media months before its official announcement. Remember, sharing engaging video game clips is the key to fostering interest and enthusiasm within the gaming community.

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Airframe Ultra: A Must-Watch Game

Airframe Ultra has already caught the attention of many, owing to the immense success of Rain World, which received accolades for its captivating cats, mesmerizing rain mechanics, and the enigmatic creatures it featured. Alexander Chatziioannou even praised the Metroidvania’s Downpour expansion, describing it as “one of gaming’s most fearsome and unpredictable beasts, one whose language we can never hope to fully decipher – and is all the more fascinating for it.”

Anticipating the Unveiling

While the release date for Airframe Ultra remains a mystery, fans are eagerly waiting for more updates. Keep an eye on Steam for further details and announcements.

In conclusion, Airframe Ultra promises a breathtaking and action-packed experience with its futuristic hoverbikes and deadly combat. The developers’ creative flair, along with the game’s viral potential, indicates that it’s bound to make a significant impact on the gaming community. Stay tuned for the latest news, as this game is undoubtedly one to watch out for!

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