Jagged Alliance 3: Haemimont’s Sensational Debut Surpasses Tropico


Jagged Alliance 3

The highly anticipated release of Jagged Alliance 3 marks an extraordinary milestone in the history of Haemimont Games. This tactical turn-based game has taken the gaming world by storm, setting new records for the studio and captivating players with its strategic gameplay.

Jagged Alliance 3
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Jagged Alliance 3: Haemimont Games’ Victory

Haemimont Games proudly proclaims that Jagged Alliance 3 has achieved the most successful debut in the studio’s illustrious history. With a track record that includes hit titles like Stranded: Alien Dawn, Surviving Mars, and the beloved Tropico series, this achievement stands out as a remarkable feat.

The entire development team at Haemimont Games extends their heartfelt gratitude to the players for making this triumph possible. The overwhelming support from the gaming community has been instrumental in the game’s success.

A Commitment to Excellence: Improving the Gaming Experience

Following the successful launch, Haemimont Games is dedicated to further enhancing the gaming experience for players. Currently, the team is diligently working on addressing any bugs or issues that players may encounter. A recent small patch was released on Friday, addressing cooperative mode problems, and more updates are in the pipeline. The developers highly value the feedback received from players, which is an essential aspect of their improvement strategy.

Empowering the Community: Modding Tools in the Works

Recognizing the community’s enthusiasm for modding, Haemimont Games is actively developing modding tools. The demand for these tools is tremendous, as evidenced by nearly 200 fan-made modifications already released even before the official tools are available. This dedication to empowering the community showcases the developers’ commitment to nurturing a thriving and creative player base.

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Resounding Acclaim: Positive Reviews and Player Reception

Jagged Alliance 3 has garnered praise from players and critics alike. On Steam, the game boasts an impressive 85% positive rating based on player reviews. The community’s enthusiastic response is a testament to the game’s engaging and enjoyable gameplay.

Moreover, the game has achieved a notable average rating of 81% on Metacritic, solidifying its standing as a well-received title among the gaming community and critics.

Unprecedented Engagement: A Record-Breaking Player Count

Shortly after its release, Jagged Alliance 3 achieved a remarkable milestone, surpassing all expectations. The game attracted a staggering 25,366 simultaneous players, setting a new record for Haemimont Games. This resounding engagement speaks volumes about the game’s appeal and quality.


Jagged Alliance 3’s scintillating debut has undoubtedly established it as one of Haemimont Games’ finest creations. With its strategic gameplay, active community involvement, and outstanding player reception, the future for Jagged Alliance 3 looks exceptionally promising. As Haemimont Games continues to refine and expand the gaming experience, players can eagerly anticipate a future filled with exciting updates and innovations. So, gear up, embark on thrilling missions, and experience the strategic brilliance of Jagged Alliance 3 – a game that has truly set the gaming world ablaze.

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