Apex Legends Devs Aim to Eliminate “Ratting” as Season 18 Targets Passive Gameplay


Apex Legends

Apex Legends, the immensely popular team-based battle-royale shooter, has been facing an emerging issue within its ranked mode. Devoted players are adopting a cautious approach, intentionally avoiding confrontations to prolong their survival in the game. This passive playstyle, known as “ratting,” has drawn attention from the game’s developer, Respawn. In an effort to create a more dynamic and action-packed experience, Respawn plans to address the issue head-on in the upcoming Season 18.

Apex Legends
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The Rise of Ratting

A comprehensive analysis of Apex Legends‘ ranked matches on Steam has revealed a notable increase in players’ idle time during the current Season 17. The act of “ratting” has gained popularity among both regular ranked matches and the competitive environment of the Apex Legends Global Series esports league. Players engaging in ratting are actively seeking ways to avoid combat, thereby accumulating more points and increasing their chances of survival.

The developers at Respawn have confirmed that the rise of ratting is partly due to an increased number of players waiting for ring closures. However, the majority of the issue stems from players deliberately hiding and evading encounters, often resorting to crouching or remaining stationary.

Targeting the Passive Playstyle

In response to the growing concerns about passive gameplay, Respawn has taken action. Season 18, scheduled to launch on August 8th, will introduce a series of changes to discourage ratting and promote a more engaging experience for all players.

1. Adjusting Ring Timing

One of the key changes in Season 18 will be the adjustment of ring timings. By tweaking the timing of the rings, Respawn aims to encourage players to encounter each other earlier in the match. This adjustment will create a more dynamic and action-packed gameplay experience, pushing players out of their comfort zones and into thrilling confrontations.

2. Tuning Damage Mechanics

To further incentivize players to engage in combat, Respawn will fine-tune the damage mechanics within the safe zone. Players will be encouraged to stay inside the designated safe areas by making the damage more punishing if they venture outside. This change will disrupt passive playstyles and make active engagements more rewarding.

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3. Addressing “Ratting Spots”

Certain areas on the map have become notorious “ratting spots,” where players tend to hide and avoid confrontations for prolonged periods. Respawn will address these specific locations, ensuring that players cannot exploit them to gain an unfair advantage. By making these spots less viable for ratting, players will be motivated to explore the map and engage with others.

4. Future Updates

Respawn has expressed a commitment to addressing the core issues surrounding passive playstyles and inactivity. Season 18 will mark the beginning of these changes, with more updates planned for future seasons. The goal is to deliver a gameplay experience that rewards skillful engagements and promotes active participation in every match.

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Beyond Ratting: Other Challenges

While ratting is a significant concern, Respawn has also acknowledged and addressed other issues in the previous Arsenal update.

1. Generous Ladder Points Distribution

The previous update led to an excessive number of players reaching the Masters level, primarily due to the overly generous distribution of ladder points. Respawn recognizes that achieving Masters should be a significant accomplishment, and they are reevaluating the points distribution system to better reflect players’ skill levels.

2. Fair Matchmaking

While short queue times may seem like a positive feature, they have resulted in unfair matchmaking, particularly for high-skill players. Respawn acknowledges the issue and is diligently working to refine the matchmaking system to ensure fair and competitive matches.

The Positive Shift: More Exciting Finales

Despite these challenges, Respawn has noted a positive shift in gameplay. More matches are now culminating in exciting showdowns between multiple squads, resulting in thrilling finales. The increased overall damage dealt per match indicates that the matches are generally more closely contested, leading to a fairer and more exhilarating experience for players.

The Continuous Evolution of Ranked Gameplay

Game development is an iterative process, and Respawn embraces the need to build upon and refine their ideas continuously. They are dedicated to delivering the best Ranked BR experience, featuring precise matchmaking and intense competition at every rank tier.

While Respawn will not reintroduce splits for the time being, they remain focused on closely monitoring the gameplay and further fine-tuning the ranked experience. As they progress towards Season 19, which is already in the works, Respawn is enthusiastic about sharing more updates on Ranked gameplay and their ongoing efforts to achieve their goals.


Apex Legends enthusiasts can look forward to a revitalized and action-packed Season 18. With Respawn’s determined approach to eliminating ratting and promoting active engagements, players will experience a more immersive and competitive gameplay environment. As the developers continue to evolve the game, the future of ranked gameplay promises to be thrilling and challenging for every Apex Legends enthusiast. Respawn’s dedication to refining the game’s mechanics ensures that Apex Legends will remain a leading force in the world of battle-royale shooters.

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