Get Ready for an Epic Upgrade! Persona 3 Reload Promises to Revolutionize a Classic RPG


Persona 3 Reload

In a year packed with jaw-dropping gaming experiences, revisiting an 11-year-old gem on the PS Vita like Persona 4 Golden was a delightful surprise. With my deep affection for Persona 5, I had always planned to dive into Persona 3 at some point this year, but as we all know, backlogs can be a formidable obstacle.

Persona 3 Reload
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But lo and behold, Atlus answered my prayers with a reassuring message: “Hold off on Persona 3 this year; we’re remaking it, and you can dive in by 2024 once the gaming frenzy has settled.” And that’s exactly what I intend to do. However, well ahead of its official release, I had the privilege of experiencing Persona 3 Reload, and let me tell you, my excitement knows no bounds.

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My sneak peek into this game was divided into two thrilling sections: I embarked on my first adventure through Tartarus before finding myself on a hijacked monorail train, facing off against the formidable Arcana Priestess, the game’s inaugural boss.

Persona 3 Reload has been painstakingly rebuilt from the ground up, brimming with passion, and it’s palpable in every moment of gameplay. Reload’s visuals stand toe-to-toe with Persona 5, though perhaps not quite as flamboyant. The blue color scheme, in contrast to P5’s red, may tone down the dazzle a bit, but it harmonizes beautifully with the game’s darker ambiance. While all Persona games carry a hint of darkness, the fact that summoning a Persona involves drawing a gun to your head and pulling the trigger hints at the profound depths Persona 3 Reload is willing to explore.

Despite not reaching the same visual heights as Persona 5, Persona 3 Reload maintains an irresistible coolness factor. I doubt I’ll ever grow tired of the revamped Persona summoning animations and the game’s infectious tunes—after all, Persona 4 & 5’s soundtracks are my go-to in-flight soundtracks, and Persona 3 Reload may soon claim a spot alongside them.

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Navigating the first five floors of Tartarus provided a solid glimpse into how the game’s dungeons would unfold. Unlike Persona 5’s intricate Nijima’s Palace, Tartarus leans toward simplicity, mainly involving ascending through floors and confronting shadows until you reach your objective, with minimal puzzle-solving in between.

One significant change from the original Persona 3 is the ability to control your entire party during battles, aligning with the feature’s popularity in Persona 3 Portable and subsequent titles.

Now, here’s a heads-up: Atlus has confirmed that Persona 3 Reload will omit additional content introduced in Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable. This means characters like the female protagonist and most supplementary story content won’t make the cut. Selfishly, I’m okay with that—ignorance is bliss, after all. However, I acknowledge the concerns of those who cherished those elements. For me, I’m just ecstatic to experience an enhanced version of a game that’s long been on my wishlist, and trust me, it’s shaping up brilliantly.

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