Tiny Thor: Retro 16-Bit Pixel Platformer Launching Soon for PC and Switch


Tiny Thor

Tiny Thor, a 16-bit pixel platformer, has been given its official release dates. The game will first launch for PC on June 5 via both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players can purchase it for $19.99 USD / $25.99 CAD / £16.75 / €19.99. The Nintendo Switch version is set to release later this summer. IndieForge, the publisher, and Asylum Square, the developer, made the announcement. Alongside the standard edition, there will be a “Ragnarok n’ Roll Edition” available for $25 / €25, which includes the game as well as the official soundtrack.

Tiny Thor
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Jochen Heizmann, the co-founder of Asylum Square, expressed his excitement in a press release, stating, “We’re so thrilled to soon share Tiny Thor with the world! This game truly pays homage to the retro games that influenced our team’s upbringing, and we’re delighted to collaborate with Gameforge to bring it to life.”

Oemi Feller, the vice president of products at Gameforge, the parent company of IndieForge, added, “We established IndieForge with the aim of supporting passionate developers like Asylum Square. The Tiny Thor team is incredibly talented, and we’re extremely pleased to work with them and help showcase their skills and fantastic ideas to players.”

Here is an overview of the Game, according to IndieForge:


Embark on a journey through the mystical Norse realm of Asgard in Tiny Thor. Traverse 30 meticulously designed levels as the diminutive deity. Along the way, you’ll encounter challenging environmental puzzles and formidable foes, including the legendary Kraken with its numerous tentacles and the notorious trickster God, Loki.

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Fear not, for our young hero is undaunted by any obstacle! Equipped with the incredible mini-Mjolnir, players can skillfully wield this bouncing weapon to overcome hurdles and emerge victorious in epic battles against powerful bosses. Furthermore, players can acquire special abilities to empower Thor with godlike strength (despite his small stature) and unlock additional challenge levels to test their divine capabilities.

To amplify the nostalgia factor, Tiny Thor features pixel art by seasoned artist Henk Nieborg (known for works like Spyro: A Hero’s Tail, Contra 4, and the Shantae series) and an original soundtrack composed by Chris Hulsbeck (renowned for his contributions to Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Turrican).

Key Features

It’s Hammer Time! – Utilize the ricocheting mini-Mjolnir and its unique abilities to solve puzzles and conquer enemies.

Small, Yet Mighty – Triumph over Norse mythology’s iconic adversaries, including the Kraken and Loki, in epic boss battles.

Old School, New Game – The retro charm of the game is enhanced by the art of pixel artist Henk Nieborg and the original soundtrack by Chris Hulsbeck.

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