Shocking Revelation: The Elder Scrolls VI Exclusive Confirmed? You Won’t Believe the Latest Updates


The Elder Scrolls VI

While fans eagerly await the release of The Elder Scrolls VI, they can immerse themselves in the world of Tamriel by revisiting Skyrim, as the next installment is still in development. With Starfield now available, Bethesda Game Studios can shift their focus to creating the highly anticipated Elder Scrolls VI.

Since the announcement of Elder Scrolls VI back in 2011, fans have been craving any tidbits of information about the game. One burning question is whether it will be exclusive to Xbox, especially considering Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda and the exclusive release of Starfield on Xbox. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer addressed this in a recent Bloomberg interview, emphasizing the company’s approach of deciding exclusivity on a case-by-case basis to ensure broad accessibility through the Xbox ecosystem, including consoles, PCs, and cloud gaming.

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One argument in favor of Elder Scrolls VI being multi-platform is precedent. The beloved franchise has a history of being available on various platforms, and many believe it should remain inclusive. Microsoft’s stance during the Activision Blizzard acquisition cases distinguished new intellectual properties like Starfield from long-established series like Call of Duty. While Starfield was an exclusive introduction for Xbox, Call of Duty, with its extensive player base, was unlikely to go exclusive due to its established audience.

Elder Scrolls VI, however, finds itself in a unique position. It has a history of being on multiple platforms, and its gameplay doesn’t rely on cross-play since it’s primarily a single-player experience.

Todd Howard, the director of Starfield, staunchly defended its exclusivity by comparing it to how Zelda is inseparable from Nintendo. He argued that exclusivity streamlined development by reducing the number of platforms to target, a sentiment echoed by his recent comments on the need for optimized gameplay on upgraded PCs.

Beyond Phil Spencer’s statements, evidence from the FTC court case suggested that Microsoft may have internally decided to make all future Bethesda Softworks games Xbox exclusives, marking a potential shift since the acquisition. Titles like Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo remained on PlayStation 5 due to prior marketing agreements, but the situation may evolve.

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Considering Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision and their commitment to keeping Call of Duty multiplatform, making Elder Scrolls exclusive to Xbox could be seen as contradictory.

So, what does this all mean for the future? The Elder Scrolls VI is expected to launch around 2028, and by then, the gaming landscape could see significant changes, including new hardware releases, corporate deals, and emerging services. The game’s release may coincide with a new console generation, adding more variables to its platform availability.

Unfortunately, concrete information about The Elder Scrolls VI is still years away, and fans will need to exercise patience. Nevertheless, one thing is certain: the gaming community will be eagerly following any developments.

Speaking of developments, there’s been no official update on the rumored remake of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Many remain skeptical about its existence, but as history has shown with titles like Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater, surprises can happen in the gaming industry. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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