Fire Emblem Engage – Introducing Royal Priest Pandreo And New Online Features


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Fire Emblem Engage

New information on the Royal Priest Pandreo and some of the game’s online features has been disclosed for Fire Emblem Engage.

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Pandreo is a High Priest, one of the classes in the game that can utilise staves. He is the royal priest of Solm and possesses extraordinary healing skills. He is always looking forward to the next feast since he enjoys entertaining. Despite his lighthearted appearance, he is a devout Christian and an honest man. In this video from the game’s Twitter account, you can see him talking to Fogado. In Japanese, he is voiced by Genki Okawa.

During conflicts, the “Spirits of the Died” will display on the map as yellow and purple lights, indicating where friendly and enemy units have fallen. Your units will be able to visit these sites in order to get stat boosts, goods, EXP, and other goodies. This is an excellent technique to get an advantage over your opponents while also assisting your Units in fast levelling up.

Stat enhancements from “Spirits of the Fallen” will be unique to the Unit class that visits them, therefore send the Unit that will gain the most from the bonus. For example, “Spirits of the Fallen” who arrive on battlefields where swordsmen have died will provide sword-wielding Units a huge advantage.

If you have access to the internet, you may view a rating of the most popular units and emblems used by other players on a certain map. This might be useful if you are unsure which troop to send into battle. Also, if you return to previously visited locations, you may occasionally encounter enemy soldiers or corrupted ones sprouting there. You may fight them and get EXP in the same way as you would in a regular combat.

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