Shocking Revelation: Reno’s Fate in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Will Leave Fans in Tears


Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Tetsuya Nomura Drops Bombshell: Reno’s Role Shrinks in FF7 Rebirth

Tetsuya Nomura, the mastermind behind the Final Fantasy 7 Remake series, has just delivered some heart-wrenching news that will undoubtedly leave Reno’s fans in disbelief. In the highly-anticipated second installment, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Reno’s presence on the screen will be significantly reduced.

This gut-wrenching decision is a direct consequence of the tragic passing of his former Japanese voice actor, the beloved Keiji Fujiwara. The development team decided to pay tribute to Fujiwara’s memory by using archived audio recordings of the character, inevitably altering Reno’s role within the story.

But hold onto your Buster Swords, because there’s a glimmer of hope on the horizon! Nomura has sworn that Reno will rise like a phoenix from the ashes in the third and final chapter of the remake trilogy, once they’ve found a worthy successor to voice the character.

The recent PlayStation State of Play event in September 2023 finally graced us with the release date for Rebirth, unveiling numerous thrilling aspects of the upcoming game. Fans were treated to glimpses of long-awaited features like the Gold Saucer, the enigmatic Vincent Valentine, and potential alterations to the narrative, designed to keep fans on the edge of their seats.


The Turks, a crucial part of Shinra, are set to play a prominent role in Rebirth, as players delve deeper into their intriguing world. The trio of Tseng, Rude, and Reno has stolen the hearts of fans for years, with Reno and Rude even making appearances as formidable foes in the first part of the remake. However, brace yourselves for the inevitable: Reno’s presence will be somewhat scarce in this chapter.

In a candid interview with Dengeki Online and the game’s developers, the pressing question of Reno’s role was raised, primarily due to Keiji Fujiwara’s passing in 2020. Fujiwara had been the iconic voice behind Reno since the days of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children and had graciously returned for the remake. Nomura confirmed that, out of deep respect for the late voice actor, they would honor his memory by using archived recordings for Reno’s lines in Rebirth. A beautiful gesture, no doubt, but one that inadvertently trimmed Reno’s role.

Nomura recognizes that this news might come as a bitter disappointment to fans, especially those outside Japan. He acknowledges the pain, but with a twinkle of hope, he assures everyone that Reno’s comeback, bigger and better, is on the horizon, awaiting the third installment.

In the original game, Reno’s adventures extended beyond Midgar, with memorable encounters outside Gongaga and optional Wutai quests. However, Rebirth will set aside these moments for the final act of the trilogy, where Reno’s presence is slated to shine brightly. For now, prepare for a Reno-lite experience in Rebirth, set to release on February 29, 2024, exclusively for the PS5.

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