New Season Six Update: Diablo Meets Call of Duty, DOOM Arsenal Unleashed, and a Skeletor Surprise


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Prepare for a jaw-dropping Season Six experience in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, as iconic Diablo characters Lilith and Inarius join the action as playable operators! But that’s not all; we’re diving into the world of DOOM with an epic weapon bundle and even welcoming Skeletor from Masters of the Universe with his evil sorcery-themed goodies.

“The Haunting” arrives on September 27, spanning all platforms. The long-awaited crossover brings the dark magic of Diablo to the Call of Duty universe, with Lilith and Inarius as playable characters. Skeletor makes an entrance too, offering exclusive “evil sorcery-themed Blueprints and Emblems.” And the DOOM Tracer Weapon Bundle is an adrenaline rush with DOOM-themed chainsaws and shotguns.

But that’s just the beginning. Season Six offers more thrilling cosmetics, such as an Evil Dead 2 bundle featuring Ash Williams and a Hellsing bundle starring Alucard. Plus, a unique Gaia skin, giving you a humanized Mother Nature vibe.

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In Warzone, “The Haunting” will send shivers down your spine with the return of limited-time Zombie Royale and Lockdown modes, alongside exciting new events. Operation Nightmare plunges you into the midst of monstrous challenges and eldritch anomalies, all while clearing a spine-tingling Bounty board starting on October 17.

Prepare for a mid-season transformation as Vondel becomes Vondead, thanks to a demonic incantation. The canals of Vondead run red with blood, and you’ll have the chance to confront ‘The Butcher’ in the underworld, with incredible, undisclosed rewards waiting for the brave.

Meanwhile, in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022), Season Six introduces two new Core maps, La Casa and Koro Village, as well as two extra Gunfight maps, King and Fight. Get ready for a spooky twist as El Asilo and Embassy receive reskins mid-season. Halloween enthusiasts will also be delighted by the Halloween-themed twists in Drop Zone, Infected, Domination, Grind, and Kill Confirmed.

Are you ready to answer the call of duty and step into this epic crossover and haunting season? Don’t miss out on the action.

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