PUBG Mobile Partnership with Dragon Ball Super Coming in July: An Unprecedented Collaboration


PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has officially confirmed its much-anticipated partnership with the hugely popular anime series, Dragon Ball Super. This collaboration is set to launch in July with the release of the highly anticipated version 2.7 update.

PUBG Mobile
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First announced in August 2022, this unprecedented collaboration marks a historic milestone for Dragon Ball Super, as it partners with the mobile-only game for the first time. Craften, the developer of PUBG Mobile, has described this partnership as one of the most important and significant events in the history of the game. The version 2.7 update, scheduled for July, promises players an unprecedented amount of in-game content, including exciting new game modes and many favorite Dragon Ball Super characters. Limited time sets and items will also be introduced, providing players with a unique and immersive experience.

The collaboration between PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super is a testament to the game’s commitment to providing captivating and engaging content to its massive player base. By partnering with Dragon Ball Super, a globally recognized franchise with a dedicated fan base, PUBG Mobile aims to expand its reach and provide players with a truly memorable gaming experience.

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While PUBG Mobile has previously collaborated with other iconic anime properties, such as Neon Genesis Evangelion, Jujutsu Kaisen and the popular Netflix series Arcane (Series 2 coming soon, Netflix?), the partnership with Dragon Ball Super is expected to happen. different scale. The development team has expressed its commitment to bringing players closer to the globally beloved world and its iconic characters, better than any previous collaboration.

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The decision to collaborate with Dragon Ball Super is particularly attractive as it is currently airing and attracting viewers around the world. The continued popularity and relevance of the show make it a perfect fit for the dynamic and ever-evolving universe of PUBG Mobile. As players immerse themselves in the virtual battlefield, they will now have the opportunity to join hands with their favorite Dragon Ball Super characters and dive into thrilling adventures inspired by the series.

In other exciting news from the world of PUBG, there has been a significant change in the non-mobile version of the game, with the introduction of a tactical gear slot to enhance the gameplay experience. This strategic addition allows players to fine-tune their loadouts and optimize their performance in intense battles. With the introduction of the Tactical Gear slot, PUBG aims to deliver a more immersive and customizable gameplay experience, further cementing its position as the leading battle royale game.

Additionally, the much-awaited Nations Cup 2023 teams and host cities have been unveiled. With a substantial prize pool of $300,000, excluding any additional crowdfunding contributions, the tournament promises to showcase the skill and talent of competitive players from around the world. The Nations Cup has become a prestigious event in the eSports community, attracting top-tier teams and dedicated fans alike. Last year’s tournament was held in Bangkok, Thailand, where the UK team emerged victorious and took the championship title. The developer/publisher has announced that Germany and Turkey, the teams representing Europe and the Middle East, will return to the stage following their previous participation in the tournament. This year, Team Denmark will make its debut, expanding the regions represented in this exciting international competition.

As the PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball Super Partnership draws closer, players can eagerly look forward to an exciting gaming experience that combines the best elements of both worlds. The Version 2.7 update will add a new chapter in the development of the game, providing a wealth of entertaining content and features that will keep the game going.

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