Pokemon Horror Game: A Remarkable Fan Creation with the Aid of AI


Pokémon horror

In the game development space, a YouTuber named Tyler Greene recently took on an awe-inspiring challenge. They set out to create a Pokémon horror game within the astonishingly short time frame of just six days. To make his effort even more remarkable, he pledged to donate an increasing amount to the ASPCA, a non-profit charity dedicated to fighting animal cruelty, with each passing day.

Pokémon horror
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To tackle this ambitious project, Green enlisted the help of ChatGPT, a well-known AI writing software. With the power of artificial intelligence at their fingertips, they embark on a journey to bring their vision to life. Result? A fully functional horror minigame that demonstrates the potential of human-AI collaboration and defies conventional norms of game development.

In an industry where it often takes large teams of hundreds of people to work tirelessly to create a standard video game, Green’s accomplishment of crafting a compelling Pokémon horror experience on his own in just six days is undeniably remarkable. Although the game cannot boast of a 15-hour survival horror campaign with complex mechanics, it entices the players with its immersive gameplay and eerie atmosphere.

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Venturing into the spine-chilling jungle, players find themselves being chased by sinister-looking Pokémon. The stakes are high, as getting caught by these haunted creatures is instant game over. However, hope is not lost. Scattered throughout the area are Poké Balls that the player can strategically collect. These Poke Balls serve as a lifeline, allowing players to capture relentless Pokémon and make their way to safety. The object of the game is to capture ten Pokémon, unlocking a rocket ship that serves as a gateway to victory and escape.

While Green’s solo effort in game development is impressive, it’s worth noting that AI played a role in expediting some aspects of the process. To accelerate development, Green took advantage of free online Pokémon models, a valuable resource that reduced the need for extensive asset creation. Additionally, they commissioned ChatGPT to assist in writing code for specific features, resulting in time savings and increased efficiency.

A notable contribution to the AI was the creation of a custom shader by ChatGPT. This shader facilitated seamless transitions as Pokémon entered Poke Balls, adding a touch of visual finesse to the gameplay experience. Through the AI’s ability to generate code, Green was able to implement this feature seamlessly, without the need for extensive manual coding.

Another area where ChatGPT proved invaluable was designing an attractive rotating graphic. This graphic encircled the rocket ship on the map, providing players with a visual cue that they needed to capture ten Pokémon to access it. By handing over the code generation for this element to ChatGPT, Green demonstrated the potential of AI in enhancing a game’s aesthetics and user experience.

While Green does not go into the specifics of refining the code generated by ChatGPT, the lack of detailed mention suggests that the AI’s generated code was effective and required minimal rework. This further underlines the potential of AI in helping creators achieve their goals within tight time constraints.

Green’s accomplishment with the Pokémon horror game serves as a testament to the determination, creativity, and power of the tools available to passionate individuals. It demonstrates the immense potential of human-AI collaboration, where the fusion of human ingenuity and AI capabilities enables remarkable feats to be accomplished in unprecedented time frames.

The emergence of AI in the creative field opens up new possibilities for aspiring developers and creators. By leveraging AI technologies, individuals can harness vast resources, streamline processes, and push the boundaries of what can be achieved

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