Why You Should Play Final Fantasy VII Before It’s Rebirth


Final Fantasy VII

The original Final Fantasy VII may appear old, yet playing it is essential for comprehending its hype as well as the plot of its successors and remake.

FF VII is still the most recognisable entry in the Square Enix brand, and it’s no wonder that the JRPG has maintained a strong influence in the gaming industry. This has resulted in a long-awaited version of the game, but one that modifies the traditional formula significantly. As a result, many newbies to the franchise are now unsure which iteration to play.

Now that FF VII Rebirth is on the horizon, fans are wondering if they should play the original game. The answer is yes! Playing the original game will actually enhance your enjoyment of its sequels and the current remake trilogy. Here’s why:

Final Fantasy VII Is the Originally Intended Story

Final Fantasy VII
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One of the main reasons to play the original version of FF VII is because it’s the story’s original telling. Even though it’s an old game, there’s still a lot to enjoy about it. Many sequels and spinoffs of FF VII were based on what was originally shown in the game. So, if you want to learn about the narrative and understand the world, characters, and story, it’s best to play the original title. That way, you can confidently move on to the rest of the subseries.

If you’re thinking about playing the new FF VII Remake, you should definitely check out the original game first. While the remake is a great game in its own right, it’s heavily reliant on knowledge of the original story. If you’re not familiar with the classic FFVII, you’ll be missing out on a lot of the new game’s content. However, if you are familiar with the original, you’ll be in for an even better experience with the remake. Thanks for everything, Final Fantasy!

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Final Fantasy VII Retaining Classic Series Mechanics While Changing Others

Final Fantasy VII
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Downplaying the fantasy elements in favor of science fiction, FF VII was definitely a departure from its predecessors. Nevertheless, it did retain some key concepts that fans had come to know and love about the franchise, one of them being its turn-based battle system. At the time, turn-based RPGs were the overwhelming majority of the genre, though that’s certainly not the case anymore. Even Japanese RPGs are largely eschewing this form of combat in favor of faster action-based mechanics, and the remake of Final Fantasy VII and newer games in the franchise are no different.

For fans of turn-based RPGs, Final Fantasy VII will be a welcome return to form. The game features the same turn-based combat and old-school storytelling that fans remember from the original, even if they didn’t play FF VII when it first came out. While the move away from turn-based combat in the remake may feel like an obvious attempt at modernization, it’s still possible to enjoy the game as it was originally envisioned.

Even though the graphics are a bit dated, it’s still easy to see why Final Fantasy VII was such a radical game when it first came out. The graphics and storytelling were light years ahead of anything else that was out there at the time. And it wasn’t just a great game for PlayStation fans; it helped cement the console as the must-have gaming platform. The graphics and designs are also really unique, especially when compared to other games and RPGs from that era. Fortunately, the classic version of the game is widely available, so everyone can see what made it so special. Thanks, FFVII!

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