Jaw-Dropping Overwatch 2 Secret Revealed: Roadhog’s Game-Changing Rework Coming Soon!


Overwatch 2

Good news for Roadhog enthusiasts! Overwatch 2‘s director has given the green light for Roadhog’s long-anticipated rework, and it’s slated to debut as part of Season 7’s midseason update in November.

The primary goal of Roadhog’s rework is to enhance his performance as a solo tank in the 5v5 game compositions, although the precise details of these alterations have been kept under wraps.

There’s been some speculation that Roadhog’s ability to eliminate opponents with a single shot may not make a return, and his self-healing capability might undergo significant nerfs or even be removed altogether.

Overwatch 2’s director has provided reassurance to Roadhog fans by confirming that the much-anticipated rework is right on schedule for the next season. As Season 6 approaches its midpoint, having brought PvE Invasion missions, Flashpoint mode, and Illari into the mix, Overwatch 2 gears up for the upcoming Season 7, which will likely include a one-year anniversary celebration of the game’s launch.


Throughout Overwatch’s history, Roadhog has been the standout tank designed to roam the flanks extensively. His ability to snatch unsuspecting squishy targets away from their teams with his hook and finish them off with his shotgun made him a formidable threat in Overwatch’s previous dual-tank 6v6 team setups. However, Overwatch 2’s transition to single-tank 5v5 configurations necessitated that Roadhog, like all other tanks, spend more time on the frontlines with his team as the sole tank. Despite this transition, Roadhog remained a robust tank pick in the early stages of Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, a significant reduction in his primary damage output earlier this year eliminated his ability to one-shot 200HP heroes following a successful hook, leading to underperformance and disgruntled Roadhog mains.

Earlier this year, Overwatch 2 made a promise to Roadhog mains, assuring them that the hero would undergo a rework aimed at enhancing his viability and effectiveness as the sole tank in 5v5 compositions. As part of Overwatch 2’s monthly Director’s Take blog post, the game’s Director, Aaron Keller, reminded fans of the long-anticipated Roadhog rework and disclosed that it is anticipated to be rolled out as part of Season 7’s midseason update, expected in the first half of November.

Further details regarding the specifics of Roadhog’s rework were not provided, as it was only briefly mentioned in Keller’s post. The question of whether Roadhog will regain his ability to eliminate opponents with a single shot remains unanswered. His iconic hook is likely to remain unchanged, albeit with some potential stat adjustments. However, Roadhog’s “Take a Breather” ability, which allows him to self-heal for 300HP even while taking damage, could potentially see a significant nerf or even removal. This self-heal ability was ideal for Roadhog in the original Overwatch, where he often operated on the flanks away from his support. Now, in the 5v5 format, with more time spent with his team, his substantial health pool, continuously replenished by self-healing and support teammates, has become a formidable challenge for opposing teams.

Roadhog enthusiasts can expect to learn more about the rework as Season 7 approaches. In the meantime, the next Overwatch 2 hero in line for a rework is the stealth hacker Sombra, although the timeline for its release remains uncertain. In the meantime, Overwatch 2 fans can look forward to the upcoming anniversary and Halloween events scheduled to go live next month. Read Full Reviews, Guides and Tips & Tricks of the Latest Games Click here.

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