Unbelievable! Sora’s Smash Ultimate Amiibo Shocker Revealed – You Won’t Believe the Disney Connection


Super Smash Bros

In the latest Nintendo Direct event, a groundbreaking revelation has left Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts in awe. The long-awaited amiibo figure for Sora, the final fighter added to Smash Ultimate, has been officially confirmed by Nintendo. While the exact release date remains shrouded in mystery, eager fans can look forward to its arrival sometime in 2024.

Amidst a flurry of character amiibos, there was a prevailing sense of doubt that Sora would ever join the collectible roster. The reason? Sora’s roots in Disney, a potential source of conflict between Nintendo and the entertainment giant. Sora’s inclusion in Smash alone felt like a miracle, making this upcoming amiibo release an extension of that miraculous journey.

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But that’s not all the amiibo excitement from today’s Direct! Tears of the Kingdom’s Ganondorf and Zelda amiibos made a triumphant return, complete with release dates. The Ganondorf amiibo, designed to capture the essence of the beloved antagonist from the latest Zelda installment, will hit shelves on November 3. Meanwhile, the Zelda amiibo is set to accompany it.

And if that’s not enough amiibo news for you, there’s even more! Nintendo also spilled the beans on the release date for Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s next amiibos. Fans can anticipate Noah and Mio figures arriving on January 19, 2024, adding to the growing amiibo collection. Not to be forgotten, Pyra and Mythra’s amiibos will also be available as a dynamic duo in the coming year.

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But wait, there’s more! Three fresh Splatoon 3 figures are set to make their amiibo debut by the end of 2023. Keep an eye out for Frye, Shiver, and Big Man, who made waves when his amiibo quickly sold out but has recently been restocked. Hurry, because this wave of amiibo excitement won’t last forever.

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