Unbelievable! Mortal Kombat 1 on Nintendo Switch – A Graphics Nightmare That’s Ruining Gameplay


mortal kombat 1 nintendo switch

Are you ready for the shocking truth about Mortal Kombat 1 on the Nintendo Switch? Switch owners are in absolute turmoil as the once-promising game’s visuals on Nintendo’s console leave them utterly disappointed. The graphics are so bad that players are comparing them to the dark ages of gaming, and disturbing glitches are wreaking havoc on gameplay. But that’s not all – there’s a hidden twist that’s making things even worse!

Switch owners were initially thrilled when Mortal Kombat 1 was announced for their beloved console. However, as the game started to find its way into the hands of eager gamers, it became clear that something was terribly wrong. Players have reported that Mortal Kombat 1 on the Nintendo Switch looks like it belongs to a bygone era, with graphics reminiscent of games from the early 2000s. It’s a painful sight for fans who were expecting a visually stunning experience on their Switch.


One frustrated gamer, known as johniibo, took to TikTok to showcase the game’s questionable and glitch-filled graphics, which he boldly compared to games from the early 2000s. What’s truly shocking is that this issue doesn’t seem to be limited to one Nintendo Switch console; johniibo tried playing Mortal Kombat 1 on a different Switch, only to encounter the same dismal results. His video quickly went viral on Twitter, with countless users sharing their own horror stories and advising people to steer clear of Mortal Kombat 1 on the Nintendo Switch.

But the nightmare doesn’t end there. Reports are flooding in that these glitches aren’t just an eyesore – they’re also impacting gameplay. Players are frustrated by the inferior experience on the Switch compared to other platforms. Mortal Kombat 1 is known for its intense combat, and these technical issues are detracting from the enjoyment for many fans. It’s a grim situation for those who had high hopes for this long-anticipated release.

Adding salt to the wound, the Nintendo Switch’s in-game recording function is mysteriously disabled for Mortal Kombat 1. This means that players can’t easily capture and share their gameplay experiences, leaving them without the ability to show off epic moments or uncover hidden easter eggs. It’s a baffling decision that has left the Mortal Kombat community scratching their heads.


While early-access players on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X are enjoying a smooth and visually impressive Mortal Kombat 1 experience, those who purchased the game for the Nintendo Switch are trapped in a glitch-ridden nightmare. NetherRealm, the developer of Mortal Kombat 1, has released an update patch in an attempt to salvage the situation ahead of the game’s full release later this week. However, the sheer volume of complaints from Switch players is a troubling sign.

So, what’s the verdict? Mortal Kombat 1 is currently available in early access, but can it redeem itself when it officially launches on September 19th? Will NetherRealm be able to save the Nintendo Switch version from its graphics nightmare and gameplay woes? Stay tuned as we follow this unfolding saga and bring you the latest updates on this explosive gaming controversy! 💥

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