Mastering the Lantern Fest Parkour Challenges in Fortnite: A Guide to All Locations and How to Beat Them


Fortnite Lantern Fest Event

Fortnite Lantern Fest Event is in full swing, and players are gearing up to showcase their platforming skills with the latest quests. Among them is the parkour challenge on the Lantern Fest Tour Island, which requires players to complete three tricky courses to earn 40,000 XP. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with all the parkour challenge locations and tips on how to beat them, including the infamous Slippery Slide.

The Parkour Paradise tent is where you’ll find the three parkour challenges located on the west side of the island, just past the Slurp Juice shop. It’s worth noting that completing the Slippery Slide course at the island’s north end also counts towards the three parkour challenges.

Jungle Trip is the first challenge and starts with a series of logs that seem almost impossible to jump over due to the game’s design not being suited for platforming. But with some strategic jumping and careful mantling, you’ll be able to navigate through the logs. Next, use the grapple gun to swing across the pillars and shoot the target ahead to complete the course.

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Sand is Lava is the second challenge, and it’s a bit more complicated. Players must jump across the four bowls and then bounce on the four launch pads before mantle to the ledge and repeating the process again. After shooting the moving target, players will be transported to another platform where they must use the Falcon Scout item to fly through a gap in the wall and solve a puzzle. The order of the correct doors from left to right is as follows: First Room – Door 1, Second Room – Door 2, Third Room – Door 2, Fourth Room – Door 4. The final section involves jumping across moving platforms and creeping up string lights to reach the end.

Survive the Kitchen is the third and final challenge, and it’s no easy feat. Players must climb up the open cabinets on the left side of the kitchen and run past the flames on the stove, weaving between the moving plants. The hit detection on the plants is a bit wonky, so it may take a few attempts to get past them. After reaching the sink, players must jump from one mug to the other and dodge moving orange walls before jumping onto an umbrella and reaching the final section.

Fortnite Lantern Fest Event has brought some exciting challenges for players to test their platforming skills. The parkour challenges are sure to keep players on their toes and provide a fun and challenging experience. So get ready to jump, mantle, and swing your way through these courses and earn some well-deserved XP.

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