At Long Last, Destiny 2 Unveils Enhanced Weapon and Ship Inspection Feature


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Destiny 2 enthusiasts have reason to rejoice once again as another highly anticipated feature becomes a reality. Bungie has been on a roll, consistently adding requested functionalities to the game. From the upcoming Exotic weapon focus to the recent removal of fall damage deaths, and the introduction of an in-game loadout system, players have been treated to a series of exciting updates. Now, their desires have been answered with the introduction of the ability to freely rotate weapons and ships within their inventories, allowing for a more detailed appreciation of their aesthetic appeal.

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While this feature may be perceived as purely indulgent—a trivial concern in comparison to the extensive weapon changes outlined in Bungie’s latest blog post—it nevertheless ignites a sense of excitement among the player community. Previously, players could inspect their weapons and ships within their inventories, but the fixed angle of view limited their exploration. Questions like, “What does the back of a ship look like?” or “What lies on the other side of my gun?” were left unanswered. However, with the forthcoming Season of the Deep update set to launch next week, players will finally be granted the opportunity to indulge their curiosity with ease.

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The mechanics of this new feature will resemble that of sparrows, offering players the ability to rotate their items within their inventories. Moreover, this functionality will also extend to the Eververse store, where players can preview ornaments. In the case of ships, players will also be able to preview the accompanying contrails, as depicted in the video above. Additionally, ambient visual effects will accompany weapons that possess them, such as the captivating fire effect showcased on the Conditional Finality in the aforementioned video.

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To heighten the satisfaction of inspecting weapons, ships, or armor, the depth-of-field blur effect that was previously present on the inspection screen has been removed. This enhancement ensures that players can truly appreciate the intricate details of their coveted items.

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The Season of the Deep is set to launch on Tuesday, May 23, bringing with it this highly anticipated inspect feature, alongside a host of other exciting additions. Players can look forward to new Strand Aspects, Exotic armor overhauls, an easier path to obtaining craftable weapon patterns, an increase in Exotic drops, and much more.

Destiny 2 players can finally bid farewell to the limited perspectives of their weapons and ships. The introduction of the new inspect feature, coupled with various other improvements in the Season of the Deep, promises to deliver a more immersive and visually captivating experience. Prepare to delve into the minute details of your favorite armaments and revel in their magnificence like never before. Destiny 2’s world is expanding, and it’s time for players to embark on an adventure of unparalleled visual discovery.

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