Terraform the Red Planet in Terraformers: A New Atmospheric Colony Builder Game


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Goblinz Publishing and Asteroid Lab have released their atmospheric colony builder game, Terraformers, from Early Access into its full 1.0 launch on Steam. The turn-based colony builder offers players the challenge of turning the barren surface of Mars into a thriving home for humanity while supporting a growing population. Terraformers‘ complete release introduces additional leaders, events, game styles, structures, and more.


Terraformers offers players the opportunity to explore and research technologies to terraform the planet, helping to increase oxygen, temperature, ocean levels, and atmosphere density. Transporting waters from adjacent celestial bodies, constructing space mirrors or restarting volcanoes, spreading adaptable microbes, and planting forests are just a few of the geo-engineering techniques available to players.

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Gamers must meticulously plan their colonies from the bottom up, ensuring that their residents have enough resources to aid in population growth. Increasing the comfort of living on the Red Planet by building structures and terraforming to create forests, parks, entertainment centers, and homesteads will help players add to their population while also gaining its support.

The release of 1.0 introduces new challenges and vistas for Martian gamers. The adjacent moons Phobos and Deimos provide fresh horizons for urban development. Gamers can start a new space project to extend their options, develop new structures, discover new technology, and deal with catastrophic occurrences. Additionally, the 1.0 launch of Terraformers introduces “Weekly Challenges,” which allows players to try their skills at building up their cities when faced with new modifiers on multiple difficulty levels and track their success streaks.

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Terraformers players can now enjoy the new features and challenges in the complete launch 1.0 release as they create their existence on Mars on Steam and GOG with a 20% launch discount. Fans of turn-based strategy may also expand their libraries with Goblinz Publishing’s turn-based mega package, which contains Legend of Keepers, Hero’s Hour, and Ozymandias in addition to Terraformers. Follow Terraformers on Twitter and Facebook, or visit the official website, to remain up to date. Join the official Terraformers Discord to meet other Terraformers.

In conclusion, Terraformers is an engaging atmospheric colony builder game that offers players the opportunity to terraform Mars and create a thriving home for humanity. With its new features, players will face new challenges and horizons in building up their cities and tracking their success streaks. As players explore and research new technologies, they will be able to transform the barren surface of Mars into a hospitable and thriving world. With its full launch, Terraformers offers hours of entertainment for turn-based strategy fans and is definitely worth checking out.

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