Fortnite Fans Furious as Dead by Daylight Dominates Crossovers – You Won’t Believe the Difference


Fortnite crossovers

In the realm of video game crossovers, Fortnite has certainly made its mark over the past five years. This family-friendly online multiplayer game quickly became a pop culture hub, and its crossover potential was evident early on when Marvel initiated the trend with the Avengers: Infinity War limited-time event. Since then, Fortnite has opened its doors to a multitude of entertainment giants, including Star Wars, Marvel, DC, The Walking Dead, Futurama, and even anime like Attack on Titan and My Hero Academia.

Fortnite’s crossovers are now a frequent occurrence, seamlessly integrated into the gameplay experience, often featured in the seasonal Battle Pass, and accompanied by expansive limited-time modes. While they are generally quite impressive, not all of them reach the level of depth and integration that Dead by Daylight achieves with its own crossovers.


Fortnite’s Crossovers Fall Short Compared to Dead By Daylight’s

Fortnite’s recent crossovers, especially in the past couple of years, have generally been well-received. At their lowest point, they bring a handful of paid cosmetics and skins based on beloved franchises. At their zenith, Fortnite’s crossovers go all out, featuring separate mini Battle Passes with exclusive rewards, a plethora of themed quests, and sets of time-limited Mythic weapons drawn directly from the source material.

It’s evident that considerable effort goes into the majority of Fortnite collaborations, and the fact that most of them can be enjoyed for free makes them enticing events, particularly for fans of the featured franchise. However, a significant portion of Fortnite’s crossovers primarily revolves around cosmetic changes and does not impact the core gameplay. With the frequency at which Fortnite rolls out these collaborations, they sometimes lose their distinctiveness and blend together.

In contrast, Dead by Daylight faces no such issue. Released in 2016, it ventured into crossovers a few months after launch, introducing Michael Myers from Halloween as a Killer. Since then, Dead by Daylight has crossed paths with numerous horror franchises, spanning iconic movies like Saw and The Ring to fellow horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. What sets Dead by Daylight’s crossovers apart from Fortnite is their seamless integration within the game.


Each Dead by Daylight crossover significantly affects the game and its meta. Typically, each new crossover introduces a new Killer, Survivor, and map, all intricately tied to the featured franchise. The developers’ passion for collaborating with these licenses shines through, evident in the abundance of references and fan service seamlessly woven into the gameplay itself through the Killer’s unique abilities and each character’s perks. These crossovers not only introduce new ways to experience the game but also retroactively enrich the entire game by allowing new perks to be used across all characters. The infrequency of these crossovers adds to the sense of occasion, making each Dead by Daylight collaboration feel like a substantial event, a feeling not always replicated by Fortnite’s own crossovers.

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