Cuphead Unveils Exciting Xbox Anniversary Update: Dive into the Game’s Secrets for Free!


Cuphead Xbox Anniversary Update

Studio MDHR and Xbox have joined forces to bring you a fantastic gift – an all-new, free update for Cuphead, the beloved 1930s cartoon-inspired, ultra-challenging run-and-gun boss-battler. This exclusive update, crafted especially for Xbox players, marks a thrilling milestone for the game’s debut on the platform.

Set to release on Friday, September 29th (based on your time zone), the Xbox Anniversary Update doesn’t introduce any gameplay alterations or additional challenges. Instead, it offers a fascinating new Bonus menu that will take your Cuphead experience to the next level. This menu includes a specially curated Art Gallery, a Music Player, and an exclusive Behind-the-Scenes video player, designed to give fans an in-depth look into the game’s creation with support from ID@Xbox.

Prepare to explore over 100 high-resolution images, groove to a remarkable collection of 86 music tracks, and witness the dedicated artists hard at work, breathing life into the game’s unique, hand-crafted presentation, and much more.

Chad Moldenhauer, Co-Director at Studio MDHR, expressed their enthusiasm in an Xbox blog post, saying, “Original sketches, concept art, process footage of painting or model work, unused music tracks, orchestra session footage, you name it. We wanted to express our gratitude to the Xbox community, which has supported us since day one. We thought deeply about what we, as Cuphead fans, would want to see. Our goal was to make this update a true behind-the scenes glimpse of the game’s development process!”

Mark your calendar; the Xbox Anniversary Update for Cuphead will be automatically available for all owners of the game on Friday, September 29th, accessible on both Xbox and PC.

Don’t forget to check out our exclusive interview with Studio MDHR’s Chad and Maja Moldenhauer, where we delve into the incredible journey of bringing Cuphead from concept to reality. Discover how ID@Xbox played a vital role in their success and explore the exciting developments such as the game’s characters landing their own Netflix show and even making an appearance in Super Smash Bros.

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